My Significant moment

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About what happened when my dad left and what i learnt from that exsperiance.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



My Significant Moment


The event began in a beige coloured room, with the old settee, facing the TV and video player. The coffee table was in front of the fire place on a blue carpet. This room I would never forget: this is where the man I loved left me. After my realisation of what was happening, the question, “was it me?”, passed through my mind.


My dad went out of the front door to run an errand, while mum was in the kitchen. The coffee table in the lounge had half a packet of, ‘Extra Strong Mints’, on it’s smooth brown, mahogany wood surface. I would usually see my mum or my dad passing through the lounge, taking a mint out of its foil like packaging. I was intrigued by its white and green packaging. I made my way slowly over to the table and unwrapped the packet; I was holding one of the beloved sweets and examined the strange powdery texture in my small child-like hands. Then I smacked it into my mouth, like a catapult realising its load into my mouth. It began to bubble on my tough, the mint felt like sweet haven, but after I began biting it all hell broke loose, burning my tough causing it to sting. The mint adulated down my windpipe, burning like hells fire. The mint was gone, but after what felt like the world was coming to its end, pure greed taken over my child-like innocents. Looking back on this memory now, I am left with the thought, “Was it me?”.


On the day o my memory, Kyle and I were sitting on the floor in front of the window in the long, with the sun beaming on my back. After a while the sun rays reflected into my eye’s, it became difficult to be aware of my surrounding’s. Dad came in; mum was watching us with sadness, but hope in her motherly eyes. Dad crouched down in front of us and handed each one of us a toothbrush (now I think he was hinting something) and said some promising words I wish I could remember. The last words of his speech were, “I love you both”, and that was it. I was confused, although, I was not the brightest of children. Mt tough felt dry, the rays of sun were no longer blinding me, but the fog in my mind was. “Was it Me?”.


That memory stuck with me because that was the day I started to wonder and question not just myself, but everyone ells and other thoughts and feelings towards me.


After this strange and surprising event, that day I went back to my sanctuary, something inside me grew like a monster, my body was telling me something was wrong ; “was it me?”,.


There was no happy ending for me: dad said, “I promise to see you again soon”, even at that age I knew Dad found it hard to keep promises, but the worst bit was, “Why did he leave? Was it me?”.


Now I feel blank and confused looking back on my memory, even though it was vague, now my dad is seeing us less, than when Kyle and I were as a child, ever since I moved up to Scotland, even though he tries to see us more. However, now I think it may have not been my fault after all, at the time I thought it was me because it showed how untrustworthy I am as a family member (I shouldn’t steal especially from family). Also I think he gave us the toothbrushes as a small gift, I didn’t think we had  a lot of money at that time, however, I thought it showed us that we should keep clean and behave for mum, while he wasn’t around and that night I kept the toothbrush somewhere safe, to remind me of this memory.  


A memory is an important fact of life and changes, who we are everyday, this memory changed me, I became more appreciated of my family. Later on in my life Mum remarried to William. Even after all these years I can not bring myself to call him dad, as he can never be replaced, but I would appreciate him all the same. A lesson that I learnt from this experience is that no matter how important someone or something is, it doesn’t always last forever, but it does in memory.

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