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The sandy path wound through thick gorse bushes...

Submitted: March 12, 2016

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Submitted: March 12, 2016



The sandy path wound through thick gorse bushes, cutting out all the light. She ran down the slope and round the bend until it opened up into a wide, golden beach, the sun suddenly dazzling after the dark. Gentle waves struggled to be heard over the noise and clamour of laughing children, teenagers radios, boisterous volleyball games and shrieks of delight from the water.

She scanned the beach moving carefully through the towels which covered almost every inch of the sand. He had promised he'd be here. Sun tanned and sunburned bodies were splayed across the ground, shining with sweat and sun tan lotion. But none of them was him. The roar of a distant speed boat towing a water skier came drifting past as she nervously touched her tongue to her dry lips, tasting the salty spray of the ocean. The wind smelled of a hundred summer holidays from her childhood, all concentrated into this one breeze. A childhood that was now over forever.

She sat on the powdery sand as the gentle breeze ruffled her hair. Seashells felt sharp against her fingers as she dug them deep into the sand, feeling the cold dampness just inches below, watching as the drip of her tear fell silently to the ground. A seagull called forlornly. It was clear by now that he was not there, possibly would never come.

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