Writing Short

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A teenage girl, Charlotte is going back to school for the first time since the car crash that wiped her of her memories from the past year and she likes art. Her boyfriend, Andrew was with her during the accident and blames himself so he acts like he did before they became a couple. I don't really know... This is my first piece of writing.-.

Background story:Charlotte Marie and Andrew were dating but a car crash while they were driving home one night ripped Charlotte of all her recent memories. Andrew, determined that this was his fault refused to attempt to bring back her memories of their relationship. The butterfly in the drawing is the last thing Charlotte saw before blacking out and losing her memories forever.

Submitted: June 29, 2014

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Submitted: June 29, 2014



She sat across from him, scraping the desk chair into place and assuming everyday position. Her spirits were particularly soured that day contrary to his. His beaming smile and bright eyes told her that he couldn't be happier.
"Whats to be happy about?" She asked monotonously, bored and regretting she asked
"Whats not to be happy about miss Charlotte Marie?" He replied straightforwardly, turning his shining grey eyes to hers.
She looked away and scoffed. That was the end of their conversation.
Later she had art class with the same boy, Andrew. It was the end of the day and everyone's morning energy had long fled, just a quiet buzz of attention remained. Charlotte picked up her pencil with great care and gently placed it on the blank ivory canvas, taking a breath before beginning her sketch. Not long after Andrew sauntered by, admiring his classmates art before stopping to glare at Charlotte's.
"Whats that supposed to be?"he asked, analyzing her pencil strokes
Charlotte jumped at his words at suddenly drew a dark line across her progressing sketch
"Now you've done it idiot." She huffed angrily.
"And for your information it was supposed to be a butterfly"
"Thats no butterfly I've ever seen" Andrew said taking a few steps back to give her space.
She began to erase the dark gash that slashed her butterfly wing in half before stopping and redrawing it lightly, adding it to her sketch. She didn't acknowledge Andrew the rest of the class period. When the bell droned in their ears signaling the end of class and the school day Charlotte waited casually for everyone else to clear the classroom in their usual rush. When the school was quiet again she took out a collection of watercolors and began to color her sketch, taking no notice of the silver eyes watching her from a shadowed corner. She was confident in her brush strokes, using blue and teal and black. She didn't finish until the closing time for the school building. She packed all her utensils into a very worn out art box and walked home. Andrew appeared out of the shadows after she had left the building, walking towards her piece with caution. He could still smell the watercolor paint drying on the canvas. His hand came up and stopped inches before making contact with the sketch. He gently traced the dark and light pencil marks with a careful finger, barely brushing the sketch.
"If only you remembered me"he mouthed, a thin line of emotion across his lips, his eyes empty yet filled with an unimaginable sadness. He walked home shortly after.
The painting was a blue and teal butterfly with a shattered right wing.


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