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Review of exciting urban novel of the 21st century.

Submitted: March 27, 2015

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Submitted: March 27, 2015



The Charlton Men


Reviewed by Eugene Mc Cusker


Thames River Press have discovered a bright new Irish talent in London. Breen is an academic who in a previous life was a freelance journalist. Funnily enough the theme of undercurrent is everywhere in Breen’s debut novel, ‘The Charlton Men’. Two very different men, Lance a Londoner who has fought in Afghanistan and Fergus an Irishman with a past are the main characters. Both vie for the attention of a female while paying witness to the fortunes of Charlton football club.


Breen quickly introduces Lance who talks of Afghanistan as an idiots guide to war and tossing away days of your life. By Chapter Six we are all asking will Fergus actually share his own story of back home.


Wide eyed Fergus does eventually make it to a Charlton game. Breen discusses how good Bradley Wright Phillips is as football is a bond for both men. Riots in the city is another equation for both to deal with in their own way.


The love interest Katy remains mysterious and almost stand offish with both men. However Breen in Chapter 11 brings Fergus relationship with Katy to another level. A chapter later and Fergus secret is out there in the open. Meanwhile Lance who never thought a woman would find him attractive again soon makes his move. Lust by skype is a surprise. But then Breen’s book is always trying to surprise or at least leave us asking what is coming next.


The confrontation between the two main protagonists does boil over in Chapter 21. Will everyone emerge happy, Breen decides that.







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