The Mysterious Crime

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jordan is the chief of police in a small village in Connecticut. Crime is unheard of in this small town until now. Jordan is puzzled by the evidence, but is good at what she does. This case however, left very few clues.

Submitted: February 20, 2015

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Submitted: February 20, 2015



~~The Mysterious Crime
Jordan stared at the blood splatters on the shower curtain. She pulled on her gloves methodically as her eyes swept the bathroom. Steam from the shower billowed out from behind the shower curtain. The water was still on in the shower.

 Pulling aside the curtain, Jordan’s eyes drifted to the corpse lying supine against the cold marble tiles of the shower. Blood was slowly running down the drain mixed with the water.

 “Who could have committed such a hideous crime?” she muttered to herself. Jordon reached in to turn off the shower. What evidence was there was slowly being swept away droplet by droplet down the shower drain.

 Jordan Calloway, a 35 year old detective for Mason Grove, Connecticut, had seen her share of crime from the city, but here in Mason Grove it was unheard of. Word traveled fast in the small town of 800 people, so Jordon knew she would have to address the public soon or hysteria would have people and tourists leaving the village in throngs. Especially now that it was tourist season and Mason Grove’s main business for this time of year depended solely on the tourist that drifted through the village.

 Having stopped the water from washing what evidence she did have into the village septic system, Jordon bent down to examine the body. The victim was 20 year old Vanessa Bowings. Vanessa was the mayor’s daughter and was one of the popular girls in the village. Her blue eyes still were opened, unseeing, masking the horrible trauma that had occurred minutes before.

 Vanessa had been a beautiful rich and rather spoiled child. Jordan wondered who Vanessa’s enemies were. Who had hated her so as to come into the bathroom while she was showering and fire three rounds of a .35 caliber handgun ammunition into the back of her skull causing her to fall backwards against the marble shower tiles?

  The way Vanessa lay was showing all signs of a suicide instead of a homicide. The only problem with it being a suicide, there was no sign of the weapon in sight. There wasn’t even a trace of the shell casings laying for examination. If it had been a suicide there would have been a weapon to which Vanessa would have used lying within close proximity to the crime scene.  “No” Jordon said softly to herself as she eyed the blood splatters on the marble tiles and shower curtain, “it isn’t a suicide. It has to be a homicide!”

 However, there was no sign of forced entry, no doors left open to indicate a hurried get away or entry. There was nothing out of place in the bathroom that indicated a fight between perpetrator and victim. Jordan had her crew searching the rest of the house for any signs of burglary. It truly looked like no one but Vanessa had been around to shoot herself.

 Jordan took out her camera and began snapping photographs of the crime scene. “Come help me roll over Vanessa so I can get shots of the back,” she said to her co- partner, Ricky Braun. As Jordan reach down to roll over the victim so more photographs could be taken, her eyes caught a glimmer of metal beneath Vanessa’s torso.

“I think we found the murder weapon!” she said matter-of-factly to Ricky.

“Looks like it!” said Ricky, as they rolled the body off the shiny metal.

Jordan reached down to pick up the .35 caliber handgun. She turned it over in her hands carefully examining the gun. It felt hard and cold in her grip. It had no blood on it because either the water had washed off any trace of blood or it hadn’t had any on it to begin with.

“Yes, it looks like this is the gun, but I will have to get it to forensics to take a better look. Why would it be on the backside of Vanessa if she had committed suicide? Wouldn’t it have been lying to her side or in front of her?” Jordan asked Ricky, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was looking at something in the mirror.

“Can’t figure out who that scary face is looking back at you?” Jordan teased, but then grew quickly professional and serious again.

“No, Chief, I think you should come over here and see if my eyes are playing tricks on me! I think someone wrote a message on the mirror. I can’t quite make out all the words because the steam is vanishing, but it defiantly is a note of some sort.”

Jordan walked over to the mirror and saw the faint finger printed message scrawled across the mirror. It was slowly been erased by the room air as the steam evaporated from the room. A miracle would have to take place if they were going to make out any of the message.

“Let’s get the body out of her and to the lab!” Jordan ordered in a hurried tone. “We need to turn the shower back on to see if we can decipher the message on the mirror.”

As soon as the body had been removed and she had seen it out the door, Jordan returned to the bathroom. “Did you need any more samples of anything in here before I wash every spic of evidence down the drain?” she asked Porter, the head of the lab in her department.

“No, Chief, I believe we have everything we can get from here. Let’s see what the message says!” Porter said excitedly.

Jordan reached into the shower to turn the water back on when her eye caught something gold laying in the drain. It was an ear ring. Jordan picked up the ear ring and bagged it. If Vanessa had decided to commit suicide inside her bathroom shower, she wouldn’t have been wearing a gold ear ring. However, Jordan needed to make sure it even belonged to Vanessa.

The steam billowed out from the shower and slowly the message reappeared on the mirror. Two words only. They read: Die Bitch!

Jordan wasn’t certain, but it looked as though Vanessa had been murdered. Someone, mean and vicious, had entered the bathroom and shot Vanessa, but it didn’t make sense to Jordan that the perpetrator would have thrown the murder weapon into the shower before Vanessa fell lifeless upon it. Wouldn’t they have taken the gun with them and disposed of it elsewhere?

Lost in her own thoughts, Jordan was unware of a screaming outside the bathroom door. Widely the door was flung open and the Mayor rushed into the bathroom.

“Where is my daughter? Who did this to her? I will find them myself and and…” His voice trailed off into gasping breathes as he slumped to the floor.

“Get him out of here!” Jordan firmly stated to Ricky. “Get Bonnie to schedule a press conference in an hour.” Jordan left the bathroom and walked through the hall to the door.

On the way to the police station, Jordan mentally ran over her notes of the crime scene. She was pretty sure that Vanessa had committed suicide and made it look like she had been murdered. Why had she done this? Had she been depressed or had she been pushed into taking her own life?

Jordan dropped by the lab to see what they had come up with and to drop off the ear ring. She pulled into the parking lot, just as Ricky drove in and screeched to a halt in the parking space right beside her. He jumped out of his car and ran over to Jordan before she even had a chance to get out of her cruiser.

“Chief! We found the note she left behind!” He waved the note that was securely placed inside a clear evidence bag. “It’s all right here saying she was going to end it because her father wouldn’t let her date the Hickory boy.”

Jordan felt a warm ripple of relief flood over her. Even though she was sorry to have just a tragic thing happen to the Major’s family, she was grateful that she didn’t have to go on a man hunt when it could have been any of the thousands of tourists that came and went through the village.

Ricky pulled Jordan into his arms and gave her a hug. “It’s a closed case!” he said as they walked into the lab. "Let's go get some coffee."


© Copyright 2020 Charmain Kaye. All rights reserved.

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