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Heaven and Hell are both Shaken up by the birth of a child who has mixture of both bloods, something that shouldn't exist.


Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




One Shot: Demi

[Some Random Street]

Girl - [Dressed in dark clothing is walking the street all alone at night, until some person approaches her]

Man - Why hello there.

Girl - [Doesn't say anything, standing in place]

Man - Are you lost, because if you are I know of a place you can stay for as long as you want.

Girl - [Doesn't say anything, standing in place]

Man - [Puts his arm around her] I just can't leave you wondering the streets alone like this, why don't you come with me.

Girl - [Doesn't say anything]

Man - [Starts guiding the strange girl to a dark alley way] don't worry you'll be safe with me.

[As they enter the dark alley he pushes her to the ground and gets on top of her]

Girl - [Doesn't react to his actions]

Man - Don't worry I'm going to keep you safe.

Girl - [Smirks]

Man - What the hell!? [Grabs his chest and rolls over to the ground]

Girl - [Sits on him] you sure don't look so good.

 Man - Fuck...What's...

Girl - Where does it hurt, here? [Points to his arm]

Man - AHHHHH! [Suddenly his arm explodes in pain]

Girl - Or maybe here [Points to his Junk]


Girl - Hmm I can't tell where you're hurting.

Man - Ple....

Girl - What was that?

Man - Please....

Girl - I'm sorry you're going to have speak up, please what?

Man - Please...go...get...Help.

Girl - Oh you want help.

Man - Yes. [With his body still in unimaginable pain]

Girl - Hmm, what to do?

Man - [Blooding coming out of month, eyes, nose, and ears]

Girl - You really don't look good.

Man - [Snaps because of the pain] DAMN IT WHY I'M I NOT DEAD YET, I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!!

Girl - [Smirks] because the fun would be over if that happened.


Girl - [Laughing] You really shouldn't have said.


[Sometime later]

Girl - [Walking out of the alley]

Axel - You sure left a mess, Dusk.

Dusk - Shut up, Axel, stop treating me like a kid, I'm an adult now.

Axel - Your 10000 years old, hardly an adult.

Dusk [Punching him in his arm, like a little girl] I am an adult!

Axel - Sorry I didn't mean to piss of the little princess.

Dusk - Shut up Axel!

Axel - Anyways what's that in your hand?

Dusk - Oh his just a pathetic human's soul, do you want it?

Axel - Sorry I don't really like eating trash.

Dusk - Same here.

[A little demon comes out of the ground]

Dusk - Here you can have it.

[The little demon devours it]

Axel - By the way I haven't been able to pick up her presence yet.

Dusk - Don't worry we have all the time in the world to find her.

Axel - When we do find her, remember its job to bring her back to hell alive.

Dusk - I remember our task.

Axel - I hope you do.

[A couple of days later]

Dawn - [Watching her child play with the other kids] Ellen it's time to go!

Ellen - Okay Mommy! [Runs to Dawn]

Dawn - [Crouches down to Ellen's height] Did you have fun playing today?

Ellen - Yeah!

Dawn - Come on let's go get some ice cream.

Ellen - Ice cream!

Dawn - [As she picks Ellen up she hears a sinister laughter]

Ellen - Mommy, are you okay?

Dawn - It can't be.

Ellen - Mommy, why are shaking?

[Several minutes later in Dawn's car]

Dawn - Sorry Ellen but we aren't going to be getting any ice cream today.

Ellen - What?

Dawn - We are going to be visiting your auntie.

Ellen - but you said we were going to get ice cream.

Dawn - Sorry honey, I promise we'll go next time.

Ellen - But mommy you said. [Starts crying]

Dawn - Please don't cry Ellen, I promise we'll go next time.

Ellen - But. [Crying]

Dawn - [Again she hears a sinister laughter] God Damn it, why now.

[Later at Sarah's house]

Sarah - Dawn what's wrong?

Dawn - Why don't you go play inside with Len, Ellen?

Ellen - Kay!

Sarah - Len is in his room dear.

[Ellen leaves]

Sarah - What's going on Dawn?

Ellen - They found me.

Sarah - No...

Ellen - Look I don't have much time, but please I need you to take care of Ellen for me.

Sarah - Of course I will, but Dawn what are you going to do?

Dawn - I don't know, but I don't think I can escape them this time, I have to go.

Ellen - Where are you going mommy?

Dawn - Mommy has to go somewhere honey, but I promise when I come back we'll go get some ice cream, okay.

Ellen - Okay. [Smiling]

Dawn - Here take this.

Ellen - What is it?

Dawn - It's a locket with my and your daddy's picture.

Ellen - Thank you! I'm going to go show it to Len! [Runs off]

Dawn - Okay Sarah I have to go.

Sarah - Please take care of yourself.

Dawn - I will. [Get's back in her care and drives off]

Sarah - Please Jax watch over her.

[Somewhere around some abandon factories]

Dusk - It's been a long time Dawn. [Coming out of the shadows]

Dawn - What the hell do you guys want?

Dusk - Where's the girl?

Dawn - That's none of your business.

Axel - Actually it is our business, Dawn.

Dawn - Axel.

Axel - Because of that girl, Heaven and Hell have been shaking up ever since her birth.

Dawn - You guys should just mind your own business.

Dusk - A child who has mixed blood between a devil and an angel is abomination that shouldn't exist, you know.

Dawn - [Trying to hold back her rage] Please just leave us alone.

Axel - Sorry but we have our orders.

Dusk - I guess it doesn't matter because at the moment she awakens her demon powers, I'll be ready to torture that fucking freak to death....Just like I did to Jax.

Dawn - AHHHHHH [Grows bat like wings from her back and charges at Dusk]

Dusk - [Blocks her attack with one hand] you really have gotten weak. [Counter Attacks Dawn, sending her smashing into her car]

Dawn - [Coughing up blood, as she tries to stand]

Axel - I'll take care of this.

Dusk - Don't worry I got this.

Axel - [In a dark evil voice] I said I got this.

Dusk - Whatever.

Axel - [Walks up right beside Dawn] Dawn just tell us where she is and you can live.

Dawn - Fuck you guys.

Axel - [Smashes her to the ground] Talk.

Dawn - No...[Covered in blood]

Axel - [Smashes her to the ground again] Talk damn it!

Dawn - No...

Dusk - [Laughing] what a joke!

Axel - Shut up Dusk!

Dusk - Sorry it's just so funny to see this joke of a devil! I'm going to have fun torturing your child Dawn.

Axel - Huh?

Dawn - I won't let you lay a finger on her!

Axel - [Let's go of Dawn and backs up] so she's awaken her Devil Form.

Dawn - [In her Devil Form]

Dusk - This just got fun.

Dawn - Prepare to die!


[They both charge with everything they got but sadly eventually Dawn is defeated buy Dusk]

Dawn - [On the ground badly beaten up, covered in blood]

[It starts to rain]

Dusk - [Walks up to her] you see while you were up here having your little family, I've been training for this very day.

Dawn - Axel ....Please....

Axel - Sorry Dawn but I can't help you.

Dusk - I'm tired of seeing your face.

Dawn - Sorry Ellen but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to keep that promise.

Dusk - [Kills Dawn]

Axel - Now we just need to find that child.

Dusk - Don't worry we have all the time in the world to find her. [Smirking]




© Copyright 2017 Charmchar. All rights reserved.

Demi Demi

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Heaven and Hell are both Shaken up by the birth of a child who has mixture of both bloods, something that shouldn't exist.
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