A Masterpiece, You Are!

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



Once upon a time, a Great Artiste sat and was swimming in the river of His own thoughts.


He had created the universe, put light in it, and even separated the light from darkness.

There were all sorts of animals, from the wildest to the tamest, and the biggest to the smallest.

He even provided the means for their sustenance. The plants could photosynthesize and grow, while the animals could in turn feed on them. But He wasn’t yet through. He needed a creature with creative instincts. So, He said: Let 'us' make man in our own image.


Man, the only creation who can enjoy the special grace to discern evil from good.

He possesses a heart with which he could portray God’s giving and loving nature.

Man, the only creation who has a spirit and thus can commune with God, the father of spirits.

From nothing, He had formed man with the dust of the earth, and breathed His life (love and creativity) into him.


This Grand Master Artiste, seeing that on His own, Man, a treasure in Jars of Clay would never make all the creations and innovations required to make the world a perfect place, re-molded him and made “two”. That they, being twain, can give and take, and lead by position and influence. Afterwards, He charged them to subdue and multiply.


You are the product of those two, Adam and Eve, an unadulterated image of God.

A masterpiece in your own right, you are fully equipped with all the necessary skills, the personality, the intelligence and the experiences that could make you fulfill the purpose for which you were created.


Only you can determine if the Master Creator ought not to have thought of you.

Only you can decide if you aren't worth all the effort.

Only you can decide if the world would increase in beauty and value because of THAT WORK OF ART, whom YOU Are!


You are God's Masterpiece, fully equipped with abundant treasures in a Jar of Clay.

And since you have a replica of the Creative Mind of The Grand Master Artiste, your fulfillment lies in how much you are able to create a masterpiece of your own with the life you have been given, and which you live.


Don’t just pause to meditate. Imagine yourself taking the next step; imagine yourself succeeding in it. You are the one the world is waiting to behold. You are the reason we still groan in pain, waiting for you to explode into success. You are why the world is; because, your success is linked to that of many.


You may not know it yet, so the world may also be oblivion to the idea, but you are a Masterpiece of the Grand Artiste!


Go ahead…and just do it! Become the success you were made to be.


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