Daring gardeners

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




There goes the Leading Lady Gardener.

A really strong and beautiful woman she is who understands the value of life's experiences,

and uses it as manure for a richer land.


There goes the truly wise Lady Gardeners;

greatly discerning are those who join in carefully selecting what they let grow on their mind,

and those who never fail to draw their energy from the One True Source.


Can you see what they leave in their wake?

Exotic flowers blooming in their full glory,

Choice wine from their succulent and tender grapes.

Little wonder life is getting more colorful,

and the earth more tasteful.


And why would you,

o Daughter of Eve fail to fulfill purpose?

The Eden in your heart is too fruitful to let it lie fallow.

Join the great army of daring Gardeners,

who do not only believe in the potentials their tiny seeds have,

but are also courageous enough to stretch their heart in anticipation of gigantic trees.


Don't be afraid to be the delight-some land you are,

for you have indeed been exquisitely fashioned to flourish.


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