Dealing With Rejection

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Love yourself, there is a magic in that which draws others to you

Kola would love to join his classmates in playing football. But each time he makes an attempt to join them, they always shoo him from the field and allow only the big and muscular guys.

The same with Tina; she wouldn’t mind hanging out with the cool and popular girls in school. It is however obvious from all indications that they do not want to have anything to do with her. As one of the girls put it, she is so not in their league. Thirteen year old Timi keeps looking for a way to get back at Junior, the new youngest member of the family, who is

now five.  Since his brother’s arrival into the family, all attention has been transferred from Timi to him. His older siblings who used to seriously dote on him now appear to be too immersed in Junior’s latest antiques than in the changes Timi has been observing in his body.


Rejection is an experience everyone faces at one time or the other in his life. At times people give us an impression that we are not wanted without even realizing it. However, the sooner we are able to deal with it and learn from it, the better for us. If you decide to never make an attempt to step forward or attempt something new for fear of rejection, you would be shocked by the number of opportunities that will pass you by, the friendship you will miss and all of that.

Living, I mean really living, is a risk in itself. And one you should be adept at handling rejection if you want to make something good out of your life. If you decide to try and go for something you want, you have 50 percent chance of being accepted and 50 percent chance of being rejected or having people objecting to your ideas or opinions, which in itself is not rejection but a request for more information.

However, if you choose to never step forward, and remain in your comfort zone, then you have a hundred percent chance of not making anything worthwhile out of your life. That is boring my friends and I am sure you would agree with me. Instead go for the more fun and adventurous habit of stepping out and going for it. Whatever it is you desire, see rejection (as it is with failure)  as an opportunity to get better and do better.

So what do you do when you are really feeling miserable from having been rejected? I would advise that you talk to someone you trust rather than bottle the emotions up inside you, and transfer the aggression to others.

Talk to a sibling who understands you, or to a friend or your parents. The tips below should help you deal with rejection.

Try not to live the experience over and over again

By dwelling on the hurtful words someone said to you, that you keep looking for people to tell about it. This will get you worked up, and keep you from getting past the rejection.

Ensure that you are not just paranoid

STOP reading more meaning into things than necessary. Never mistake an objection for a rejection. Sometimes, things are not as serious as you take them.

Learn to accept responsibility for your actions.

This will help you understand if there is really something you could have done that would have made the difference. Learn from it, and move on or try again, implementing what you have learnt.

Work hard at improving yourself.

Channel all the emotional energy into something more productive. Rather than spending precious time in planning revenge or in self pity.

Try to understand personality difference in people.

Some have the tendency to speak harshly to others and no matter what is said to them, they won’t take offence, while others, because of their sensitive nature, would take little things personal.

If such is your case, find a way of making whoever made you feel rejected understand the impact of her words and actions. It may not be meant to hurt you.

Be yourself.

Do not sell your soul just to belong. If your classmates do not understand how much blessing you can be, then it is their loss. You have too much in you to be feeling sorry for yourself.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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