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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



It's a table for two, and you've been invited.

You really must be feeling important.
I mean, it's one thing to be privileged to spend a few minutes with a great leader like Obama, or a business tycoon like Donald Trump, or an Inventor like Bill Gates, or a renowned Physician like Ben Carson; but when you have been counted worthy to dine and socialize with the King of all other Kings, the Lord of all other Lords, the Creator of the whole Universe, who owns the earth and all its wealth, and is able to do all things, then, you ought to really feel like you are on top of the world.

However, this Great Guy is really big on etiquettes, fashion and beauty, so you may want to reconsider getting dressed in your dirty apparel, scoffed shoes, jaded jewelries, and cheap perfumes.

If you are sure you want to make quite an impression on Him that knows all things, then you would be doing yourself a whole lot of good by finding out how to:

DRESS FOR THE OCCASION and look immaculately groomed.


MAKE AN ENTRANCE that gets attention in a positive way.



And lots more.

'Whatever shall you wear?', You ask yourself.

To that, I'd say fret not, mon ami. If the look you want to go for is such that is pleasing and attractive in the eyes of The Altogether Lovely One, then the first thing you should consider is, A CLEAN HAND AND A PURE HEART.
I guess that takes us back to grooming, but really, being immaculately groomed is the foundation of an elegant look, especially when the occasion is, a date with the Holy One.
Or, who shall abide in His Tabernacle or dwell in His Holy Hills?
It is him/her that has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted his/her soul to vanity, nor sworn deceitfully, who does the right thing even when it hurts.
He/She that meets these requirements will definitely have a great time dining with the King of Kings without feeling awkward or self conscious.
You are not enthusiastic about being in His presence. For in His presence, there is fullness of Joy, and at His right hands there are pleasures forever more.
What's more? If you are the type, given to entering a place mouth first, then you want to be careful that what comes out of your mouth is filled with praise for The King, and with thanksgiving for what He has done for you. He really detests murmurings, grumbling, complaints, and every thing they represents. So, charm your way in with a face-lift, smile. He loves a cheerful countenance.

Also, you want to be sure that your carriage is not in the least bit haughty and proud; because if you just as much as cock your head like you expect everyone, even The King of Kings to worship the ground you walk on, you'd be thrown out of there before you know what came over you.
He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
Your carriage must show that you are willing to do whatever He says, and not just interested in Him applauding and approving what you have decided upon.

Another thing you must take note of when making an entrance is your walk. Yes, you need to walk tall, having faith and confidence in The Almighty; that He is willing, and able to do much more than you can ever imagine.
Those that come to Him, must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who dilligently seek Him.
Or don't you know that without faith in Him (evidenced in how you approach Him), you really can not please Him?

Stand straight in the knowledge that He loves you, and that He delights in your being there.

FOLLOW THE PROPER SITTING ARRANGEMENT while at the Table: ensure you are rightly positioned to get the best from the Awesome and Great God, whom you have been invited to dine with.
You may want to go down on your knees, lift your hands in praise. What matters most is how rightly attuned your heart is, to hear Him speak to you.

Tell Him how loving He is, tell Him how much you love to be in His presence,
. . .

And would not risk being evicted by a bouncer.
So, before you rush out of the door, check your nails; are they neatly manicured? Are the works of your hands dirty? Are you holding a grudge against another?

No matter how expensive the gift you are bringing to the party is, the door is still going to be shut against you if in your heart, you are yet to forgive someone, or restitute your ways.

So, now that that has been said, I'd love to ask another important question.
Which is:


Oh, don't be so shocked.

The fact that your date is a very wealthy personality doesn't now mean that you have an excuse to come to the party empty handed.

At least, you should show your appreciation at having been invited.
Trust me, He'd be glad you were thoughtful enough to do so.

What then should you bring?
Well, there's wine, there's flower, there's candy, and many other gifts.
However, like the woman that broke her alabaster box and poured out the sweet smelling fragrance on THE ALTOGETHER LOVELY ONE, you could also consider bringing something that costs you, and making the sacrifice for Him.

With Him, it's so much about the money spent in buying the gift, as it is about the heart giving it.

Bring something that costs you. Make sacrifice unto Him; that arouses His favour, and prompts Him to fill your barns with plenty.
Better still, take all your desires to Him, and leave them at His feet.

He can spot a cheap gift from a million miles away.
He is The All Seeing, remember?


It is indeed essential that you arrive at the party not acting in a way that suggests: there are more important things you'd rather be doing, or you have come to fight.

If you want to make an entrance that commands attention and respect, I'd advice that you:

ENTER HIS GATES WITH THANKSGIVING, AND HIS COURT WITH PRAISE: You may only draw water out of the wells of salvation, with Joy. Moreover, He is going to find you really boring if . . .


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