The Woods of Algor

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This is my first bit I'm putting up. Not really a story line. Just a little insight into another place, a description. I enjoy descriptive writing and would like feed back.

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



Not too far away from civilisation, lies a range of majestic mountains covered in a clean, white blanket of snow. The blanket, only disturbed every few metres by a group of tall, vibrant evergreens. Deep in the valleys of these mountains is a forest, the woods of Algor, a family of native fir trees, untouched by the pollution and degradation of man.

Although this forest is isolated from the rest of the world's destruction, it is not completely untouched by humans. A lonely man holidays in harmany with the woods. He sits close to his small fire of warmth and watches as the red and orange flames lick at the piece of meat being turned about the fire on a steel rod, by the lonely man.

Dusk creeps out to overtake the sky, as the sun slowly sets behind the icy mountains in the east. The lonely, bearded man feels serene as the sky starts to darken. The warmth of his fire gives him a sense of security and ease while out in the open woods, alone. He can hear the woods come alive as the animals awaken and the sky darkens slowly, the animals crawling out their homely holes to explore the night, explore their natural habitat. One of the few habitats untouched by man's destruction.

As the sky starts to darken more, revealing the stars it hides behind it's false, blue colour during the day, he hears a distant howling of hungry wolves. This does not make him afraid, but instead reassures him that his sanctuary, as is the animals, is still virgin to the destruction of society and is still safe. The animals still have their homes and their voices.

Before the man has his dinner, he glances up at the sky. With out the city lights near by every star is visible, each and every one with their individual sparkle in the dark night. He takes a deep breath, inhaling the crisp, night air. A thought, that one of those stars up there could be his dream that he has not yet achieved, crosses his mind. Still there is hope in his soul. He will catch that star and make it his own, as it always has been.

After the man enjoys his small meal, he climbs into his puffy, warm sleeping bag and slowly falls into a peaceful and blissful sleep. Surrounded by the perfect natural scenery of bright, undisturbed stars above him and comforting, indigenous woods around him.

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