Sights i have only dreamed

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i went to Georgia on vacation and i was so inspired by the things in saw that it inspired me to write a little about it

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010



I am in Bruins wick Georgia life here is so different the creatures that dwell in this land are amazing such as the birds some are so big and beautiful their colors are mostly pale and dull I have yet to see the brightly colored birds that make their home in the pacific their wing span can be so long they glide through the sky effortless looking as if they were swimming through a great blue ocean so free. There are squirrels here, excited little things they are very fast they move about the ground with such precision but yet they move and leap through the trees with grace and ease they have adapted to both ways of life and mastered it. The trees are so old there’s so much knowledge and wisdom their roots are huge they have been here longer then we can imagine, to see this and respect the in such ways I have only dreamed. I look up at the canopies and my eyes are shocked with vibrant colors light green, dark green, olive green, brown, and rich reds it is so beautiful seeing all these shades blending together. The land is rustic and old Pele’s hairs or Spanish moss is what the locals called it hung from every tree giving a romantic vibe, long silver strands glittering in the light or accentuating the shadows, the land is also covered in marshes my mind often wondered what kind of creature could dwell there, the meadows are spectacular when the sun shines on them it looks as if it was gold stretching farther then my eyes could see when the wind blows it looks like golden waves getting ready to brake on the shore. The air is fresh and cold when it was late one night a friend and me were out side talking it looked like smoke was coming from our mouths I felt as if we were dragons breathing out smoke from our lungs. The sun shines even through the chilliest of days giving warmth and energy to through the cold. I see spider webs glittering in the suns presence. The sunsets are dazzling pinks and oranges spread across the entire sky bathing the horizon in color such spectacular sights I have only seen dreamed.

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