Random Mumblings

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Nothing much going on, just wanted something, didn't like seeing an empty portfolio.

The sounds, The noises in between the walls, they are ghosts. Living among the trees and stealing the sunlight and air we breathe. This story really has no point other than to take up some space. Because I don't feel comfortable having nothing at all in my portfolio. So hopefully I can come up with something cool and witty to write about later on about.

But as of now nothing... So I'll keep writing something about this ghost that roams around the forest. He picks up little rocks and searches for the things he once owned as a living person. As of now, he hasn't found a single thing, other than bugs and dirt. He befriended the wind and rode on the back of clouds.

 There isn't much you can do as a ghost, since you know, you go through mostly everything, except the ground below your feet for some odd reason. Staring up looking up at the sky the ghost thought of this. Upon thinking this thought he heard a voice call from inside his head and all around him at the same time.

 “we are the sound inside your head,” this scared the ghost, this voice, it sounds familiar. Is our poor ghost friend going insane? The voice kept talking “ we are one, we are the nanites in your old ghost brain,” well thought the ghost, that doesn't really clear things up at all. In fact it raises a lot more questions.

And thats its for now... I got nothing



Submitted: March 09, 2010

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