Getting Reps

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jon is a normal guy living a normal life when he discovers he has a secret power he can control with his mind. And he means to use it in the only way he knows how; Defeating his brother.

Submitted: June 10, 2014

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Submitted: June 10, 2014



Chase Zezoff

Getting Reps




Three weeks ago was when Jon Thadmore felt it. And he really felt it then. He’s always had inkling; just a small feeling in the back of his mind that he was special in some way, but only three weeks ago is when he’d known for sure.

He was at Janna’s house. Him and Janna had a thing going for two or three months, but three weeks ago, she meant to break it off with him.

“Listen… Jon…” she began.

Jon, having dated more than his fair share in his life, already knew where this was going.

“Janna,” he said, “I know exactly what you’re going to say. Just please don’t finish that sentence.”

“I’ve been seeing Bren.”

Jon stopped short. Bren? Why did it have to be Bren?

Jon liked Janna, but he didn’t love her. Normally, breaking up with her wouldn’t be a big deal (sure he would still be upset, but not as much as he was now that she mentioned his brother.)

“Why, God, why have you been seeing him?” Jon said quietly

“Because I love him!” Janna roared.

“Just how long have you been seeing him?”

“… Since before I met you”

This set Jon off. He slammed his fist on the coffee table in Janna’s studio apartment (which was shabby, but not in a bad way.)

As soon as he made contact with the glass on the table, everything in Janna’s living room jumped without really jumping. Jon was trying to find a word to describe what the objects were doing, but the word wouldn’t come. Pictures flew off of the wall and both Jon and Janna had to duck to avoid being hit. A vase hopped four feet off of her breakfast table and shattered when it landed. Janna’s new 32” LCD TV jumped about a foot off of its stand on the entertainment center and fell forward, shattering the screen.

Jon looked up, completely startled and confused.

“OUT!” Janna screamed, “Whatever’s going on with you is not my problem, just get OUT!”

So Jon left without a word. I guess that’s it for Janna and me. He thought as he walked down the street toward his car.


Now, I know what question you’re all about to ask: Why did Jon react so harshly to the mention of his brother? And the answer is simple: Because Bren was better than Jon.

Jon was always hidden in the shadow of his older brother.

In the regional Spelling Bee (first prize was fifty dollars cash), Bren won. They were both in it, and Jon had a strong feeling that he could win it this year. Bren won on the word, photosynthesis, and Jon came in a close fourth.

And, as of late, Bren had grown some type of sixth sense, the ability to read and command minds. Jon only knew this because Bren had told him by way of unwanted phone calls and letters. But the good news was: Jon now had his own power, one that he deemed better and more fun to use than Bren’s power. He had the power to levitate and pull object from their stationary position.



Although he lost Janna, Jon was feeling better than ever. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was to challenge Bren.

He decided that the only way to show Bren that he was better was to destroy him with his newly acquired power. It would be a shutout because Jon’s power was in every way superior. Bren’s power was a neat parlor trick at best.

So, in preparation for the big battle, Jon sat in his one bedroom apartment, sitting on the couch lifting things with his mind.

He discovered that the more things he lifted and the heavier the things were, his power grew stronger. He called this “getting reps”.

He picked up his 22” tube TV with no problem and sat it back down with a soft clunk noise. He used both hands to pick up his Whirlpool fridge and he lowered and raised it ten times. He decided he was ready.

On his way to the pay phone in front of his building (Jon couldn’t afford a cell phone plan and didn’t see the point of a handset if he could just use the pay phone), he nonchalantly lifted a nearby Toyota Avalon. His powers were getting very strong, very fast.

He reached the pay phone, and pulled his address book from his back pocket with his mind and held it suspended in midair as he flicked though it. He found Bren’s home number and punched it into the pay phone. The phone rang on Bren’s end twice and then he picked up.


“Good to hear your voice, Bren,” Jon said sarcastically, “I got some good news for you.”

“Oh yeah, what news?” Bren asked.

Bren sounded the same he did when they were kids, only minutely different. Somehow, he seemed quieter. More reserved.

“Remember how you couldn’t stop bragging about your new telepathy?” Jon asked, “Well, I’ve got some powers of my own now, and I challenge you to a contest of the minds so that we can finally decide who’s better.”

“Oh, that’s quite a shame,” Bren began, “A year ago, I would have loved to shut you up with my power, but I’ve abandoned that part of my life.”

“What are you getting at?” Jon said, impatiently.

“I’ve been following the teachings of Great Buddha. I’m a pacifist now.”

Jon stood stupidly, with his mouthed gaped, searching for words to say.

All of a sudden, he burst out laughing, and before he knew it, Bren was laughing with him.

“No hard feelings, Bren,” Jon said, “Just know that I’m still gonna kick your teeth in someday.”

“No hard feelings,” Bren agreed and hung up.





© Copyright 2020 Chase Zezoff. All rights reserved.

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