The Dying Gift

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A girl dying of cancer is given a second chance at life by a mysterious man with a gift.


The Dying Gift


Antonio J. Malpica



Alone sits she on a pier, peering beyond the sea at the beauty of the sun as it sets before her eyes. She’s weak and fears death. Being diagnosed with cancer has taken its toll on her body. Her skin is pale, her eyes are dark and sorrow fills her heart. Her clothes are in shambles, her body malnourished, she slowly lets go of her soul. The cruelty of disease plagues her mind, but the natural beauty of the world brings peace to her life.


From behind a voice calls out to her, “ Erica, why are you so sad?”


She continues to gaze wondering if it’s the voice of her father calling to her from the afterlife. Behind approaches a man and sits beside her.


“All hope is not lost.” Says he.


“Good sir. How I wish what you say were true, but you have not an idea of what I have been through.” She replies.


Gazing at her physical condition, he observes her poor health and battered clothes.


Her tired eyes tell all.


With a sorrowful response he grab her hands and says, “When you were still young, eleven I believe, you lost those dear to you.  By a noose hung your father and drowning in her blood you found your mother. It was such a sickness that they could not cope with, but with selfish desire they had robbed you of life and left you to suffer. The doctors gave you four weeks but yet you have survived four years.”


In fear she withdraws her hand, “Might you be an angel?” She asks.


“No, but the gift I carry is that of an angel.” He responds, placing his arms around her shoulder.


Her eyes tear up and with quiver in her voice she asks, “Dad?”


With regret he responds, “My heart aches wishing I was.”


In curiosity she replies, “Why do you know so much?”


“The gift I have foresees all, past and current. Allow me to show you its benefits. You are fifteen years of age and have survived eating off the scraps of garbage in the back alleys of restaurants.. You’ve have been here for three hours, ten minutes and forty five seconds, crying and waiting to die.”


“Who are you?” she asks.


The man gazes into Erica’s eyes and replies, “Someone like you. If I were to tell you, you can die and be at peace or you can live and let me die. What would be your choice?”


“I would want to live, but what do you mean, let you die?” She asks.


“This gift can only be passed, never shared. To pass this gift you must be willing to accept my sacrifice. If you choose to live, you will live. If you deny yourself to live you choose to die. This gift must be passed before your natural death to someone who deserves it. It is your choice to whom you want to give it to, but be sure to pass it or you will die an unmerciful death.”


Erica wonders into deep thought.


“Although it’s a tough choice, you only have thirty seconds to decide before you pass on.” replies the man.


Erica struggle for an answer, “Yes, I’ll accept.”


Placing his hand on her shoulder, a white light shoots from his arm and travels into Erica’s body. From Erica’s body, a black energy shoots forth and travels into the man. He begins to wither before Erica eyes absorbing her cancer.


“One last thing you need to know, before you pass the gift you will in turn accept the person’s sorrow, pain, sickness and die their death. That is the price to pay if you want to continue living.” He smiles at her with compassion and explodes into ashes.


Erica gets up with her new profound life and gazes up to the sky. “Thank You.” She says, as a last day becomes a new day in her life.



Submitted: June 29, 2013

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You know you can like totally turn this into a novel right?

Sat, June 29th, 2013 7:28pm



Yeah, I actually have a copyright in the process for it. Thanks for the heads up.

Sat, June 29th, 2013 9:34pm

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