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AppearanceHis hair is wavy, and depicted at times as being two-toned: A lighter blond on top, with more of an orange (or darker blond) shade on the bottom and tips. He has violet eyes, though they have also been colored blue in some of the official art featuring him. At least one figurine depicts him with completely orange hair. The anime depicts him with the same dark blond hair as his brother, and slightly darker blue eyes. He also sports a curly ahoge off the top of his head.

Matthew wears a heavy tan winter coat and pants as his military uniform, though when he's dressed casual, he is usually shown wearing a hoodie (sometimes depicted with the Canadian flag emblem on it), and a pair of jeans. Like his brother, Matthew wears glasses, though he also sports a pair of goggles on his head at times (such as when wearing his uniform). The picture at the right depicts him in his younger days, presumably in his early teens.

Although often drawn as shorter in fanart, official art makes it clear that Matthew is either the same height/build as Alfred, or very close to it.

edit Personality And InterestsIn contrast to Alfred, Matthew is shy, sensitive, and hates fighting. Despite this, he is often mistaken for his brother and has found himself in trouble for incidents that Alfred has caused. When he's not being mistaken for his brother, all the other nations seem to forget that he exists. He is also passive aggressive and was once able to make Alfred cry by arguing with him for over three hours and pointing out every single one of his faults.

He has a pet polar
Ashley Wright: He has a pet polar bear named Kumajirou, but even it forgets about him. In return, Matthew can't ever remember his bear's exact name.

edit Relationships[edit] Alfred F. Jones (America)Main Article: Alfred F.Jones

The two brothers grew up separately as children, until Arthur eventually took Matthew on a trip to meet Alfred, who wound up becoming bored with him and forgetting him shortly into their first meeting.

In their adulthood, Alfred is the source of his constant troubles, due to the fact that people get their identities mixed up and he gets blamed for fights that Alfred started. However, during an argument, Matthew was able to reduce Alfred to tears when he went on a 3-hour rant about all of his flaws. Despite this, the two seem to have a healthy relationship, as their
Ashley Wright: as their arguing and Alfred's frequent forgetting of him can merely come off as sibling rivalry.

[edit] CubaMain Article: Cuba

Cuba, as well as numerous other nations, initially mistook Matthew for Alfred and beat him up. Later, he apologized with a peace offering of ice cream. The two get along well, though Cuba still sometimes mistakes Matthew for his brother.

 AppearanceHe has short blond hair, with an ahoge, representing Nantucket, sticking up and blue eyes. He wears a tan uniform and a brown bomber jacket with a '50' on the back (for the fifty states). His glasses are said to represent the state of Texas. Alfred is often shown holding a hamburger or a large-size soft drink (usually a cola) and flashing a thumbs-up.

When Alfred initially appeared in the webcomic, his hair was drawn smoother and he had no ahoge. Eventually as the art style changed, Himaruya added in the strand and made Alfred's hair slightly wilder. Alfred also was shown to have his pants tucked into his boots in older designs, but more modern artwork depicts him wearing his pants over the boots.

edit Personality And InterestsAlfred is a cheerful, energetic, yet somewhat
conceited young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone else's business, which causes him to have difficulty making friends. He loves hamburgers and junk food, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting Arthur's sense of taste (or lack thereof). Alfred is also known for not being aware of how "the atmosphere" is when he's around others(which, at one point, he was told to read it), but it has been noted that it's not that he lacks the ability to "assess the situation", he simply chooses not to. His profile states that his hobbies are sports, games, and making movies. Furthermore, in the side-story Black Ships Have Come, in introducing himself to Kiku, he states that his hobbies are "quick-draw, archaeolog
and adventures" (which is translated to Kiku as Alfred's hobby being lechery). He possesses an abnormal amount of strength, shown even as a child by easily swinging a full-grown buffalo around, and has been once seen running around dragging a heavy SUV, belonging to Arthur, behind him for an hour in order to ask permission to borrow it.

Alfred is shown to be ignorant of the geography outside his own home, believing that maps of the United States are a "world map" and believes that he can simply get to other countries by car travel. He is shown becoming concerned about his weight in the strip Supersize You! and it is mentioned that he's invented strange diet machines as well as becoming obsessed with exercise: unaware of his building muscle). As Alfred is obsessed with heroes and happy endings, he hopes that his future will be that way.

Though he is friends with an alien named Tony, he doesn't believe in Arthur's magical friends, the fairies or unicorns.

edit Relationships[edit] Arthur Kirkland (England/United Kingdom)Main Article: Arthur Kirkland

Alfred was discovered as a small child by Arthur, who adopted him and raised him as his younger brother, caring for him with adoration and teaching him how to be a nation. When the Revolutionary War came, Alfred declared his independence and split from Arthur, creating a huge rift between the two that still is present, if only less severe. As part of the Allied Forces, they manage to work together, although Arthur often disagrees with the
Ashley Wright: unusual ideas that Alfred presents and Alfred teases Arthur about everything from his cooking, his style of dress, and his "old" age. They are shown to be always bickering but it is hinted the two friends truly care for one another.

[edit] Matthew Williams (Canada)Main Article: Matthew Williams

Alfred's kind-hearted brother, who is frequently overshadowed by him and has even been mistaken for Alfred more than once. Alfred and the other nations also tend to forget that he exists, but there are times, such as in Episode 44, where Matthew comes to talk to Alfred, and Alfred has no trouble recognizing him and seeing him. They seem to have a healthy sibling relationship, despite Matthew's passive aggressive resentment and Alfred's cluelessness. Matthew is also the only character to have
Ashley Wright: the ability to reduce Alfred to tears.

[edit] Kiku Honda (Japan)Main Article: Honda Kiku

Because Alfred is always interfering in others' affairs, his only real friends tend to be Kiku, Toris, and Arthur. They both share a love of technology and videogames and are frequently at each others houses to play them together.

[edit] Toris Lorinaitis (Lithuania) Main Article: Toris Lorinaitis

After falling into poverty due to WWI, Toris started to work for Alfred as his housekeeper, finding himself a happy freedom in the process. Once the Great Depression fell, Toris found himself having to return back home with Ivan.

It seems like Toris actually cares for Alfred since in Episode 29 he asks Ivan about him, although a trembling Eduard interrupts to remind him that he can't talk
Ashley Wright: Ivan about Alfred.

Ashley Wright: who is next?
mankins_chynna: um i think france
Ashley Wright: kk
Ashley Wright: Appearance  
Francis, as he originally appearedFrancis has shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes, and has a slight amount of facial hair which he believes makes him look like a "big brother" (it is said to represent the Gorges du Tarn, or the Tarn Gorges). He wears a long blue coat and matching capelet, with red pants and brown boots. He is often depicted with a rose, which is also used to censor his genitals in his nude scenes.

When Francis initially appeared in the webcomic, his hair was drawn shorter and less wavy, but was drawn longer over time as the art style changed and evolved. He also originally wore white spats over his boots, a detail that was dropped in later artwork.

edit Personality and InterestsFrancis was once a large nation, but after Napoleon Bonaparte had
Ashley Wright: had died, he was no longer good in wars and instead attracted tourists to his country with his wine. He has an intense rivalry with Arthur, and loves to argue with him over trivial topics (one example is arguing over "who is more perverted"). Francis is infatuated with most of the nations and is known to make blatant sexual comments at every opportunity and is very affectionate, often shown streaking or touching other nations inappropriately. He is attracted to beautiful things, which include men and women of any age and maybe even some non-human beings. He loves himself so much that he doesn't bother to remember English and considers French the "language of love."
Ashley Wright: Relationships[edit] Arthur Kirkland (UK)Main Article: Arthur Kirkland

Despite both being members of the Allied forces, Arthur and Francis have a deep-rooted historical rivalry between them. While they can be seen to constantly argue with each other over the littlest things (like language and culture), they appear to have a level of respect for each other and are quick to team up with each other if a third party should enter the argument. Francis tried to marry Arthur to save his country once, even though neither of them really wanted it. In strips focusing on Arthur's childhood, he is often shown being picked on by a pre-teen Francis, who on one occassion, scoffs at him for not growing his hair long - and when Arthur's long hair turns out a mess, Francis teases him by saying he'll cut
Ashley Wright: it into a "cool" style - by cutting it back to the style he had before.

[edit] Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain)Main Article: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Their relationship is described as being "undesirable but necessary." Despite this, the two get along rather well, though Antonio is still unaware of Francis' more "perverted" tendencies and can't see why nations like Lovino dislike him. Francis uses his bird, Pierre, to communicate with Antonio.

Ashley Wright: Feliciano Vargas (North Italy) Main Article : Feliciano Vargas

Francis grew up with a small Chibitalia, but after Chibitalia returned from spending time with Roman Empire, Francis only wanted to control Italy. Feliciano refers to Francis as "France nii-chan" in strips set in both the past and present. When Feliciano was a teenager, he visited Francis again and asked him "what is intercourse?" while reading a book. Francis replied by saying that intercourse is something you do with someone you like and finishes with "So Italy...DO YOU LIKE ME?" Francis seems to have a soft spot for Feliciano, becoming frantic when Arthur suggests they spread rumours about Italy and responding with "I know he's kind of dumb, and he's weak and useless... But he's not a bad person! He really isn't!
Ashley Wright: Seriously, he's not a bad person..." while beginning to cry. With insults such as "CRAZY! VIOLENT! POTATO! KRAUTZ!" for Ludwig, Francis could only bring himself to use "Um, well... you're a bit dim. Yup." for Feliciano. Though Francis does hold some affection for Feliciano, he's quick to punch him when he asks for his paintings back.

[edit] Seychelles Main Article: Seychelles

In the Gakuen Hetalia universe, it is revealed (via flashback) that he helped raise her as a child, while in the present day he carries a strong affection for her and attempts to undress and grope her, much to her shock and embarrassment, apparently desperate to see what her body has become like.

Their relationship in the mainstream Hetalia universe has not been mentioned, outside of Francis appearing with
Ashley Wright: with her in Shipwrecked and an illustration in Christmas Rampage 2007, which depicts him groping Seychelles yet again.

Ashley Wright: on to England?
mankins_chynna: yep :3
Ashley Wright: edit AppearanceHe has short blond hair, green eyes, and dresses in a green military uniform. His eyebrows are rather thick and prominent, a trait that is shared by his younger brother Peter, as well as Australia and Hong Kong.

edit Personality and InterestsArthur was formerly a great empire and pirate that tormented Antonio, stripping the Spaniard's status as a powerful nation. In modern times, he claims to be a gentleman, though is cynical, sharp-tongued and prone to rough speech, and yearns for the golden years. He is noted as being horrible at cooking, which has caused Alfred, his former charge, to have "bad" taste in food. Arthur is also apparently the "king of losing things" and can be described as "spacey" because of his strong belief in magic, spirits, fairies, and other fantasy
Ashley Wright: -related creatures. He has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings and is not limited to creatures from his homeland, being able to interact with various Japanese youkai and spirits. Despite this, Arthur often ridicules Alfred's belief in aliens, as well as Alfred's alien friend, Tony. According to the author's notes, Arthur's interests include embroidery, craftsmanship, reading literature, rock music, and giving scathing criticisms to Alfred's movies.
Ashley Wright: (srry)
Ashley Wright: Arthur is also terrible with expressing himself and others often misunderstand him, so he can also be rather self-deprecating or tsundere. Behind his cynical, realistic view on the world, he is a romanticist. When drunk, his personality will change from that of a gentlemen to a bitter and violent delinquent.

It is mentioned at least two times in the series that Arthur has brothers (one representing Scotland, the others presumably Wales and Northern Ireland), who hate him and used to drive him away with stones and arrows when he was a child, and went as far as to deliver curses to him through the mail.

Ashley Wright: Relationships[edit] Peter Kirkland (Sealand) Main Article: Peter Kirkland

Peter is Arthur's youngest brother, an abandoned naval for who declared himself a nation at the end of WWII. The two always bicker because Sealand, wanting to be recognized as a full-fledged nation, often sneaks into conferences the other countries attend (such as the G8, in which Peter pretended to be Canada). Despite being called "Jerk England" and being promised that he will one day bow to Peter, Arthur, though annoyed, does look out for Peter.

[edit] Alfred F. Jones (America)Main Article: Alfred F.Jones

He was discovered as a small child by Tino and Berwald, who later told Arthur and Francis about his existence. Arthur and Francis fought over who could be his older brother, though Alfred chose Arthur
Ashley Wright: after he began to cry because he didn't have anything to offer compared to Francis's cooking. Arthur cared for Alfred as his "little brother" and visited Alfred's home whenever he found the time, but he always needed to return to Europe after his visits. Only Alfred was capable of liking or tolerating Arthur's terrible cooking, resulting in Arthur being delighted and Alfred adopting the same "tasteless-ness." Arthur also provided Alfred with toys and clothes and was shown to be very affectionate to Alfred, even letting him sleep in Arthur's bed when he couldn't sleep due to reading horror stories. One day, when Arthur visited, he was surprised to find out that Alfred had grown from a child into a teen and had become increasingly independent, no longer needing to rely on Arthur.

Ashley Wright: Soon after, the Revolutionary War broke out and Alfred fought Arthur for his freedom and right to be his own nation. Near the end of the war, Arthur gave up, not being able to shoot Alfred when he had the opportunity to and chose to let him be independent. While Arthur cried in front of him, Alfred stated "You used to be so...big."

This memory always makes Arthur upset, and when drunk, he is known for cursing Alfred for leaving him and wishing for old times (Arthur states that 'someone left him heartbroken' for centuries, and it is assumed he refers to Alfred), especially when American Independence Day, or Alfred's "birthday", arrives. The Revolutionary War caused a rift between the two and they constantly bicker and have disagreements. Despite this, they care for each other and work
Ashley Wright: together when necessary.
Ashley Wright: (thats really sad  )
Ashley Wright: Francis Bonnefoy (France)Main Article: Francis Bonnefoy

Despite both being members of the Allied forces, Arthur and Francis have a deep-rooted historical rivalry between them. While they often have petty disagreements, they appear to have a level of respect for each other and are quick to team up with each other if a third party should enter the argument. Francis tried to marry Arthur to save his country once, even though neither of them really wanted it. In strips focusing on Arthur's childhood, he is often shown being picked on by a pre-teen Francis. On one occassion, he scoffs at Arthur for not growing his hair long, and when Arthur's longer hair turns out a mess, Francis teases him, saying he'll cut it into a "cool" style, only to cut it back to its original style.

An early sketch of FeliksHe has light, shoulder-length blond hair and green eyes. He wears a green uniform with matching cap, and tan boots. Sometimes he is drawn with a green capelet worn over his jacket, though in one preliminary design of Feliks, he wore a full-length cape instead.

An earlier (but ultimately unused) alternate color scheme for Feliks exists, where his uniform and eyes are colored blue instead of green.

Ashley Wright: Personality And InterestsHe was once a super nation that controlled Middle and Eastern Europe with his partner Toris in the Middle Ages, until Ivan split them apart and he was annexed. Despite this, he kept rising back (described "like a phoenix"), noting that Feliks is a very strong country.

It is troublesome for others to get to know him, as he acts shy and has anxiety towards strangers. However, if he's used to someone, he will never let go and will act troublesome. He is a cheerful, somewhat selfish man and rather forceful with his opinions. Because he's short-sighted and impulsive, other nations can easily take advantage of him.

He crossdresses as a hobby, and has a Nagoya schoolgirl dialect, often translated as a "valley girl" accent. However, his crossdressing was toned down
Ashley Wright: in later strips, and one instance (in the sequel to Christmas Rampage 2007) was removed from the site.

edit Relationships[edit] Toris Lorinaitis (Lithuania)Main Article: Toris Lorinaitis

Feliks' partner, who he refers to as Liet. The two are close, though Toris feels like he's often dragged about by him. Feliks was initially shown to be rather self-centered and seeming to take Toris' problems lightly, though in later strips, it appears their friendship isn't as one-sided as it previously was.

A "missing" page of Chapter 5 revealed that Feliks possibly did actually care for Toris underneath it all, as he stated that he wouldn't care if Toris hated him because he would still like him anyway. But the validity of that statement remains ambiguous, due to the dream sequence-nature of
Ashley Wright: of the scenario (and it may have been Toris' own interpretation of Feliks' nature).

In the last strip of While You Were Gone, his thoughts are "There's a side of Lithuania I don't know" after seeing Toris' battered and bruised back.

Ashley Wright: Ivan Braginski (Russia) Main Article: Ivan Braginski

The two have argued with each other at least since the early 1600s, when Poland succeeded in capturing Moscow. Ivan's revenge for this was taking part, together with Gilbert and Roderich, in the partitions of Poland. In 1939, Russia decided to partition Poland again, this time in conjunction with Germany. Their relationship was further soured by the years of post-war Soviet domination.

It should be noted that Feliks is not afraid of Ivan; Feliks actively defends Toris from him, despite the inherent threat.

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