Sham Paradise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short story about a guy (Will) who went into a strange world inside his own. There, questions and curiosity haunted his mind when he met a girl who helped him with his wounds. For days, Will pay attention to everything around him to search for answers.

"Everything was fake" Taeyeon told Will.

Submitted: October 05, 2013

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Submitted: October 05, 2013



“Mayday! Mayday!” I shouted, not knowing what was actually going on around me.


The angry grey cloud started to open its mouth as the plane moved forward. I tried as fast as I could to contact the nearest airport for an emergency landing. “Neep, neep”, my headphone sounded for a minute, then gone. The signal was cut. By that moment, there was nothing I could do except try my best to land the plane safely, as I was carrying 150 lives with me. Not so far away, a blurry vision of an airport appeared, which I knew was the “Dubai International Airport.”


“Busshhhh”, the plane’s engine roared by the time we landed on the slimy slippery airport road. Dan and I tried as hard as possible to bring the plane to a halt, but the wet road wasn’t helping at all, it was just making the situation worse. A minute or two passed, everything seemed to pass so fast after that. I pictured passengers shouting, wings burning on fire, and felt the earthquake like vibration that lasted quite long, and then nothing. Everything was pitch black.


The sun was shining brightly by the time I opened my eyes, just to find my friend, Dan, dead. I quickly made my way around the location where my plane crashed and tried to get out of the airport. No one who was alive there near the plane.

"Why were some of the seats of the plane empty?" My mind screamed silently.

Squinting forward, I saw a small store just outside the fence of the airport, putting aside the thoughts of the empty plane seats.With my stomach and head heavily injured, I made it to the store and found an Asian woman, who worked as a cashier.


She stared at me for a minute, as if wondering who I was. Not letting any minute pass, I explained to her everything that happened. Our conversation ended with her offering me a place to stay, at her apartment there.


“Taeyeon” she said in reply to my question “Call me Taeyeon”


“I am Will”


Taeyeon is a nice warm young lady; she cleaned my wounds with lovely care. The next day had come; I followed her to work, actually just watching her working.


As I watched her work, I started to realize something. There was an odd aura around her. There were so many mosquitoes around but why was she so calm, pretending as if she was working in a palace where insects didn’t exist. I saw some mosquito bites on her face and neck, but she didn’t show any signs of irritation, she just smiled at me as if trying to tell me that we were in an enchanted forest.


An hour or so passed; right at half past 12 Taeyeon and I had lunch. I barely liked the food; to be honest it tasted like an expired milk cake. On the other hand, Taeyeon was smiling, looking really good, as well as really enjoying the food. I paused for a while and stared at Taeyeon’s eyes. Her eyes were as blue as Tinkerbelle’s glowing moonstone. Looking at them more closely, I squinted as if not sure whether what I saw was true. Taeyeon’s pupils were different in color. Her right pupil was dark blue while her left was light blue.


Taeyeon jerked my hand away when she realized it was about to touch her face. I apologized immediately and asked the question I had been holding in my mind.


“Why are your pupils not the same in color?”


Looking confused she gave me a smile and put her dirty dishes on the floor at the corner of the room, which was full of trash.


In the mid-evening, I helped her in closing her shop. After locking the shop’s door, Taeyeon acted weirdly. She acted as if she carried something so heavy but it seemed like nothing but air. Things started grew weird from that moment onwards. Dubai was not what I thought it would be, pollution and trash everywhere, cracked roads after every intersections and dead traffic lights in every street. This was when my mind began to wonder what was actually happening.


On the way to Taeyeon’s apartment, I have noticed her smiling to the emptiness in some directions as if there were people there who smiled at her. Not only that, Taeyeon also walked as if the streets were full of people. She acted like she bumped into people until we reached her apartment. That night, arguments happened a lot in her apartment. Taeyeon seemed to be living in another world, a world different from the one I was living in.


“Oh goodness!” Taeyeon’s scream reached my ears.


Waking up, I immediately made my way to the kitchen to find her just sitting down on the floor hitting the air. I was terrified for a moment, but I cautiously hugged her. She wouldn’t stop screaming even by the time I hugged her. The frightened and worried look on her face made my heart sink. I tried to calm her down but she just shouted at me as if I had made a big mistake. Tired of everything, I left her shouting and ran to the door. Living with a psychotic woman made me sick.


I reached the door when Taeyeon suddenly ran to me with watery eyes, looking so scared begging me not to leave her.


“It’s lonely here.” She said softly.


“I can’t.”


I made my way out when Taeyeon suddenly fainted. I ran back up and tried to wake her up. I immediately took her to the nearest hospital because she was not gaining consciousness. Taeyeon’s blood was below a normal human’s blood levels. She suffered from anemia. By this time, I decided to donate some of my blood to her. It took her two hours to gain consciousness. Taeyeon was in tears by the time our eyes met. She took my hand gently and held it tight. Taeyeon told me all that she remembered and since that time I found every answer that led to my questions. People there were not their true selves, their passports had been taken by their ruler so that they couldn’t get out of Dubai and they were injected with a potion which made them enter the world their ruler made up and made them blind to the real world. There was only one thing that could cure them, and that is mixing their blood with pure blood.

"Everything was actually fake. The beautiful parks and city, the colorful sky and tasty foods, the friendly people. They were all FAKE".


"Does that means they captured everyone who was alive back during the accident in the airport? Which is why some of the seats of the plane were empty? " Will stared into Taeyeon's watery eyes. 


"Yes. That always happen. That's what happened to my parents."


After five minutes of quietness, Taeyeon and I were able to hear guards screaming.


“They found out.” Taeyeon told me, panic evident in her voice.


Taeyeon’s words made me remember what the doctor said to me just an hour ago. “Your blood is so red and watery. You seem to come from a different place.” With this, I realized that the doctor had found out about me, that I was not one of them.


With a hurry, I helped Taeyeon to her feet and ran away. We ran out of the room to the emergency stairs. Taeyeon walked in front of me and I trailed behind her, covering her from the bullets the guards were shooting towards us. Out from the building to the streets and to other building we went. Carrying Taeyeon on my back, we escaped from the guards on the empty street, which was crowded to them, near Taeyeon’s apartment.


Taeyeon was sobbing by the time we reached her apartment. Looking at her eyes, I realized that her eye’s pupils were now same in color. I walked to her, and cupped her cheek, telling her everything was going to be all right. By the time night came, Taeyeon and I came up with an idea of how we were going to escape.


9 PM had come; we used the underground tunnel to go to the airport as more guards were up there on the road. Not long that, we reached the corridors on the way to the airport that was full of gigantic bodyguards. My mind was blank; I did not know what to do. But Taeyeon immediately thought of a brilliant idea. Two opposing corridors were perpendicular to the corridors full of bodyguard. Taeyeon threw her phone to our opposite corridors to distract the guards.


Taeyeon’s plan worked perfectly, and so we turned left and headed for the door at the end of the corridor. Using the fire extinguisher, we beat the guards who were still in the corridor, and some guiding the door. Taeyeon took one of the guard’s cards to open the door, and then we entered the room. We then continued our way from the room to a hallway that took us to the airport platform. We then made our ways to the nearest plane.


The nearest plane was a private jet with Saudi Arabia’s flag and Dubai’s symbol. We made it up there and into the plane when we saw Mike Sher, the ruler of Dubai, sitting on one of the seat inside the plane. With a deadly face he stared at me and immediately invited me to a fight. When Mike was about to take out his gun, I bit on him and grabbed his gun from his hand. I ran to the pilot’s room and shot his pilot.


I went out from the room just to find out he was torturing Taeyeon, trying to inject her with the potion. I quickly kicked him and took the syringe. By the time he demanded it back from me, I switched it with an empty syringe that I found in his pocket and shot him to death when he was about to inject Taeyeon. With a sob, Taeyeon ran to me.


At half past 10, we were already out from Dubai. I changed the plane system to autopilot and accompanied Taeyeon to eat a very late dinner. Taeyeon’s eyes caught mine when we were watching the TV after dinner. In a moment, everything changed.


“What now?” Taeyeon asked, leaning closer to me.


“We won and we are free” I kissed her. That’s when I realized we were out of the sham paradise.






The End 

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