Chat to the Future part 1

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The chatters have an adventure

Submitted: September 22, 2009

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Submitted: September 22, 2009



Chapter 1: Meet the Chatters

One fine day, in the clear summer month of June sat Jonny Rave waiting for his friends peacefully by a large oak tree. His friends collectively known as “The Chat Pack” were his bestest friends, there was Chilly he was a bit nerdy, but always up for a good adventure, there was Maxx he was a bit weird, but had a good heart, and Katy she was sassy, but smart, and as Rave sat there pondering naked women, the group arrived, “Hey, sup?” said Maxx, “Oh uh..not much” said Rave, “So what are doing today?” Katy asked, Rave said enthusiastically “bird watching!”, Chilly almost jumped with joy at this news, so they set off ready for a great time.

“I think that’s a white swallow” said Rave, “I can tell you about swallows” said Maxx, but everyone knew better than to ask him to continue that story. As they walked spotting numerous birds along the way Chilly marked them off on his bird book, the group not noticing so enthralled in their bird watching stumbled onto a large clearing, Maxx still looking up for birds tripped over a small object jutting out of the earth, “What was that?” asked Maxx, “I don’t know” said Rave moving closer to the object, Katy studied the object closer “I think it’s something metal” she stated, “I’ll go get my shovel!” said Chilly with the gusto of a small child. Chilly arrived 5 minutes later with a couple of shovels, and the group began digging feverishly, it took all day and it was getting late before the large metal object was unearthed. And there it stood about 7 feet tall, shaped like a large box, “Wow, what do ya suppose it is?” questioned Rave, “I bet it’s a refrigerator”, said Chilly, “No” I don’t think so” Katy responded, “Look at these buttons, I wonder what they do?” Katy started pushing buttons at random, nothing happened, “It’s a piece of junk” said Maxx disappointingly kicking the machine, but then lights started flashing on the machine, “What the!?” Chilly exclaimed. The machine started shaking and smoking, making weird noised and throwing off sparks, “Maybe we should get outta here guys” Chilly said, but as soon as he said this the machine stopped, and the door opened, the group stood awe struck in anticipation, what was about to happen?, what was about to walk out of this machine?, a shape slowly came into focus through the smoke, a large, important look man, it was the 13th president of the United States of America, Millard Fillmore!.

“Well hello there lads” Millard greeted the group, “Where and when may I ask is this?” “I uh…well it’s Shemmerald City and it’s the year 2009 sir” said Rave, “I see, well this is very odd, and I’m scared” said Millard, “I think my time may need me more, so if you don’t mind I’ll just head on back” Millard entered the time machine, pulled a lever, and waited, but nothing happened, Millard tried again, but to no avail, “What’s wrong Mr. Fillmore, sir?” asked Chilly, “Well it seems some circuits blew out during that last time jump, I’m gonna need an IBM 5100 circuit board to fix this, are you willing to help American citizens?” asked Millard curiously, “Yes sir, no problem!” Maxx responded before the others could think, “Thank you very much, I’m ready when you are” said Millard, and the group set off to the computer store still shocked at what had transpired and in disbelief that they were helping Millard Fillmore rebuild his time machine, they were about to have what might just be the craziest adventure they had ever had.


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