I Saw !!! (Script)

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A young man commits a murder in a park and another man sees and knows. The murderer isn't happy until the other man has goes into a diabetic coma and the murderer thinks he's lucky but until the conclusion !!!

Submitted: July 02, 2010

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Submitted: July 02, 2010



I Saw!!!

( Camera zooms into a park and a gun goes off ) ( Body remains lying on the grass )

Murderer: Oh my god what have I done (worries)

( The murderer looks around to see if anyone saw him ) ( He walks away as quickly as he can ) ( A man blocks his path )

Murderer: HEY!! GET OUT OF THE WAY ( he is curious if the man had seen )

( He manages to squeeze through ) ( There is a sudden pause ) ( The man falls to the ground immediately )

Strange Man: IM GOING INTO A COMA HELP ( help is corrupted by a short moment of groaning)

Murderer: Thank god ( he laughs )

( The Murderer runs around the town until he reaches his apartment ) ( Opens the door ) ( Phone rings )

Murderer: Who could THAT be!!! ( annoyed and confused )

( There is a pause ) ( The phone rings again ) ( The murder picks up the phone )

Murderer: H-hello ( he stutters )

Strange Man: Its me and I saw !!!

Murderer: Who is is this!

Strange Man: The man you passed in the park, and yes I'm in a coma!

( The strange man hangs up )

Murderer: What the hell ( mutters )

( The murderer approached the TV and turned it on ) ( It was the news and a lady appeared on the screen )

News Reporter: Today in Elmwood park a man suddenly fell into a coma

( There was a picture of the strange man in which was in the park ) ( The murder began to look more worried than when he killed someone )

End of Script!!!

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