The Snake That Escaped

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Actually had written this for an English assignment.

Submitted: July 12, 2010

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Submitted: July 12, 2010



Simles and laughter could be heard

In a distant memory

A friend so sweet and nice

Was worth more than luxury

THe one that burst with courage

That everyone would envy.

The days where everything was clean and innocent

Not a drop of dishonesty nor chaos was a worry

Until that friend ripped out my heart

And tied a string

Watching as it floated away

Much like a balloon that has lost its way

Who would ever do such a cruel and unjust thing?

To tear out such a valuable feeling suddenly?

Sometimes I wonder if you smiled today

Watching it all floating away

Or maybe you just cried the whole day

Knowing that you made a big mistake

For now it seems that there is a black hole in me

The gap where my heart used to be

That has slowly grown back since that day

Not knowing that such a predicament

Would leave me in such a dismay

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