Brains constantly bleed out our eyes.

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A memoir.

Submitted: February 28, 2010

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Submitted: February 28, 2010



I'll commit to you a gentle approach
With docile words and eyes aglow
Eager to behold the treasure within
The beating breath 'neath beloved skin

I wish to play you like my keys
Sing out your elegant melodies
Gracing and embracing every word
Erasing and replacing, a free-flying bird.

On this day of the third.

Sometimes, my fingers may wander
As they hover and descend, they ponder
If the verse given is proved to be flawed
But without wavering doubt, they carry on

It is not an option to hesitate
When you know in your heart what is true
It is not necessary to wait
When you know what matters most to you.

If only there could be a world
such as in my dreams
Where the invasions of the armies are far away
And close, you'll always stay.
The more it rains,
the weaker this side will remain.
This ain't the Tacoma
So many words are left untold..
I'm hoping the catastrophes aren't the same.

Shakespeare is taken with Dickinson.
The flower that thrives in the Sahara.
Juliet awakes before the rising sun.

Things that are never meant to happen.
Could we build this bridge back up again.

Emily would smile.
The desert would come alive.
True love would never die.
A humanity, so hopelessly divine.

To so perfectly harmonize.

Your golden-glittering blood cells
They cut my veins and bleed me
This infectious and beautiful disease.
For all of this tainted world to see

The blood is on their hands
But they've never committed any sin
You're part of God's plans
And I ask Him, where to begin?

My blood is on your hands.

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