What insane parts of our lives are involved and captivated by the fabrications of our dreams..

All the boys around me, they're growing into men
On the outside, I guess.

I want to take you out on the roof in my silk skin
and we can talk, more, or less.

Riding fast on the back of a winged rat,
I cut through the night, as if it were mine.

Lavender waters lick at my hands and feet
I'll take you up and away from the sides that were too deep

I'll kiss the dead away from your lips, and you'll lie limp in my arms
I'll tell them he's just sleeping, he's just a'sleeping.

And you will love me, in the full moon gaze
But I'll just stare back at her, I'll miss it all.

There's fear in our ears, but sweat sweet, on elbows and knees
But the stars, they're so lovely tonight, and we're ever flying

Ever crashing, here's your free fall
You'll be face down, I'll watch you, face down.

I hated your hair, I hoped you'd died in that Jeep
We were born with the wrong kind of wings.

We die to live, and she lived to die
The trees think like she had.

If only you had.

Submitted: August 24, 2010

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