The stylist in pursuit.

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A cold but charming stylist blinded by the fact that lay perfectly clear in front of her, eluded by a man she thought she has fallen in love with; almost missed the love of her life and into a pit of lies...

Submitted: May 26, 2011

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



1 “Please make sure everything is coordinated.”

The shuffling environment is something that YJ is so used to. Be a fashion coordinator is a job that branched out from her dream. She has now being transferred from a small branch to the main company, working with all designers and celebrities.

“YJ. Everything is checked. No prob. Mr. Gary is calling you.” YJ nodded to her assistant and went to the back stage. Everyone is busying around. People who pass by nodded with respect and continue what they are left undone.

“Gary.” A middle aged man with a designer specs and vibrant, neat attire responded while his name being called. He has a lean built, a calm expression.

“The final outfits are done arranging?” He said as he checks the outfit of the model in front of him.

“Yup. Everything is in position. We’re ready” YJ said quietly.

“Good. Now get the spokesperson’s attire ready and do the make up for him personally.” Gary flashed a gentle smile and continues working. YJ nodded as she returned to her work place, and instructed the assistant to get the outfits. She dialed the spokesperson’s mobile. After a brief pause, the phone picked up.

“Hello.” An attractive voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“This is YJ. Your stylist.”

“Ah yes, miss YJ. We will be up there in 5 minutes. Sorry for the wait.”

“Yup.” YJ hung up and sighed heavily.

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