Found at Sea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Hawaii man fed up with the way people outside of Hawaii see his home land as an ancient civilization, goes to travel the world to learn more about other cultures. With out any intent of doing so, he stumbles upon Jane, a hair stylist who now is all he can see in this world.

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014





Found At Sea

By Joshua Ancheta


I’ve been waiting in line for forty-five minutes now and I’ve only moved about ten feet.  “Final boarding call, please make sure you have all bags and personal items in hand,” the speaker above me blared. 

I looked down at my ticket and under it was my magazine I had picked up from the ABC store. On the front page it read, Paradise in front of a picture of a pristine beach looking into the sunset in Hawaii. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word Hawaii.  The image of coconut trees swaying in the wind, watching the sunset, hula dancers playing with fire, white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.  But that’s the image people see looking at Hawaii from the outside in.  For a guy like me born and raised in this so-called paradise, my image is far from those who look from the outside in, I see the truth of Hawaii looking inside out. 

I was sick of the idea people had of Hawaii, only if they really knew how hard it is to live in this so called paradise.  When I would meet tourist, they would seem so ignorant and ask me things like,

“Do you live in a grass shack?”

Or things like “Do you have electricity in your homes?”

What do they think we are? Savages? We’ve been a part of the United States for over 50 years.  Well I thought about it for a while and I couldn’t really blame them, I catch myself at times making judgments of places that I have never been.  Before going to Venice, Italy in the ninth grade, I always thought that the men who drove the gondolas through the narrow water ways of Venice would sing to their passengers and wear black and white stripped shirts with black pants.  When I got to experience it first hand, my driver was on the phone with his friend the entire time laughing and paying no attention to his passengers.  He was old and unpleasant. 

We asked him if he sang and glared down at us and said, “That only happens in the Movies.”

I realized that things aren’t always what we expect them to be and that the things that we see in movies and hear about in stories aren’t always true.  So I decided that I would travel the world and see first hand how the different cultures and societies go through daily life and learn the true meaning of their culture instead of reading it in a book and assuming what to expect.

“Sir, your bags, do you want me to take them to your room?”

“No thank you I’m fine, could you please point me in the right direction though? This ship is huge.”

“No problem Sir, just head towards the stern across the lobby you’ll find three elevators, take one up to the third floor and your room is on the right of the hallway.”

“Thank you”

This was my first time on a ship of this size and to tell you the truth it’s kind of scary.  Imagine a floating hotel, that’s basically what I’m on.  You’ll find everything here, a mini mall, food court, spa, bar, club; I mean they even have a full water park on the top level.  It’s kind of funny being that miles of ocean surround us yet we have to swim in a pool. 

I finally found room and the view was breath taking.  Crystal deep blue waters all around me, the cool breeze flowed through the room carrying along with it the sweet fragrance of the ocean.  The room was small but it was enough for one person, it was cozy.

This was going to be a two-week trip on the open ocean to Alaska from Hawaii so I thought why not does a little exploring of the ship.  My hair was killing me, it felt like it was strangling my head all twisted up like a birds nest so my adventure for the day would be to find a barber in this never ending ship.

I strolled through the mini mall without any luck, only designer clothes and accessories that I didn’t need yet could afford.  Instead of taking the elevator back up to my room I decided to take the spiral stairs the in the center of the lobby that stretched up to the sky to the very top of the ship.  On my way up something caught my eye.  In the corner of my eye I could see the glare of sunlight reflecting off of something shinny.  I turned to see what it was and there stood an angel.  She had long brown hair, soft sun kissed skin, eyes that pierced my soul, and a smile that captured my heart.  I stood there for a second in awe before making my way toward her. 

My heart beat rapidly as I took one step at a time getting closer and closer to her.  I could smell her sweet perfume in the air around her.  She had an apron on that said Fantastic Sam’s.

“Hi, are you available right now or should I come back later?”

“Umm I’m kind of working right now but maybe later tonight I’ll be free.”

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little, “No, I mean for a haircut.”

Her checks turned rose red and she looked down in shame and said, “I’m sorry I though you were referring to something else, but yes I have a seat open for you. My name’s Jane”

“Nice to meet you Jane, I’m Eric and I really need this hair cut.”

“You look pretty good with it but lets talk and see what we can do for you.”

We walked into the small shop and she took me to her chair.  I couldn’t help but notice all of the other people in there getting haircuts. As my eyes wandered around the shop I didn’t notice that Jane had stopped and suddenly I found myself bumping into her and she fell to the ground.  I froze and had to think quick so I reached out to give her a hand getting up and when she and I interlocked hands, our eyes met each other and the whole world seemed to have stopped and all I could see was Jane.









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