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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic


“Mr.LEO ..I am sorry “,said the doctor and walked away.Mr.Leo went to take a last look at his daughter who was lying on the bed .He held her lifeless hand ,kissed it,as his tears touched the ground.She laid there with her eyes closed,  like a beautiful angel.

“I shouldn’t have let her go alone …i shouldn’t have ..i … .shouldn’t…”-LEO, screams and bangs at the hospital wall.


“Hey dad could you drop me to school today “-Rosy

“I am sorry my dear ,daddy is busy today …i will drop you tomorrow,here take this (hands a couple of bucks to his daughter’s hand)”-Mr.Leo

“Hmm.. alright .. bye dad see ya “-Rosy

Leo smiled at her and kissed her goodbye.



“Hello “-Leo

“Is this MR.LEO…?”

“YES ”

“Sir this is officer Marin ,your daughter has met with an accident.

She was hit by a truck while she was crossing the road.She has been admitted to people tree hospital”

“Am on my way ,thank you officer”-Leo



Rosy was buried right next to her mother’s grave.All the people who knew Rosy were there ,sobbing and hugging each other .Few spoke to MR. Leo and consoled him for his loss.Soon it was dark and all the people left the place,leaving behind LEO,who stood there looking at the graves .

He spent most of his days locked up in his cabin.He neither met any nor received calls.

After a week ,he came out of the cabin to go for a walk.

As he walked , he saw a girl who looked just like his daughter waving at him from theother end of the road.It seemed like she wanted him to follow her …He crossed the road and stared following her .He walked for miles following her,until he found her pointing at a truck.The number plate read MZ 6157. The little girl walked further and while he followed her ,he fell and wounded his right hand.He got up and followed her further until she disappeared in front of his own daughter’s grave.

kukudukoo!!……..alarm rings

Mr.Leo woke up and realized that he was dreaming all the time …every incident he witnessed was just a part of his dream .He tried to lift his right hand,but couldn’t. His hand was bleeding .Now this made him believe that all his dream was to indicating something .

He searched for the truck and found it in the exact same place as the little girl had indicated.He went to the truck agency and inquired about all the drivers who drove the truck on the day his daughter was hit.

He found the driver .Whenasked he didn’t admit about the accident.Mr.Leo went back to his cabin but this time he knew what had to be done .He went to the driver’s house at midnight …knocked his door ,held a kerchief sprayed with chloroform onto his nose until he dropped unconscious.

The driver woke up to see himself tied to to a chair and his mouth covered in tape.He noticed Mr.Leo with an hammer and nails.Mr.Leo pierced the nail into the drivers finger one by one and hammered them.He kicked the chair so hard that the driver fell along with the chair on the floor.He cut his throat and saw the driver struggle until he bled to death.

KUKUDUKOO!!..alarm rings….

“Wake up daddy …its time for school ,i don’t want to get late to school..daddy wake up”-Rosy

Submitted: April 24, 2016

© Copyright 2020 cheeko. All rights reserved.

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