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I was in SAT Prep last year and I had to write a poem for a college essay. I love this poem. I think that this is the best one that I have ever written so far.

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Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011




I am from a smelly preschool

loaded with fun and laughter,

children chasing other children,

teachers turning their attention to educational learning.

I am from thousands of miles

out at sea, building my way up

to be the best I can be,

like the wave crashing on a beach

leaving behind the sentimental objects valuable to others.

I am from the beauty of nature

on a small Island

where nothing bad can ever happen.

Memories flowing out to sea

and coming back in reminding us

of what we once had.

I am from the stillness of my Gramma's grave

reflecting what I had

remembering what I do have

from mints and records

feeling alive with her spirit.


I am from thick, white, all natural

yogurt sliding down my throat

feeling satisfied that I made a

decent decision for once in my life.

I am from a tall tree holding pounds

of juicy apples making sure none

fall down and bruise.

I am from a hot brick oven, baking

tons and tons of pizza, for hungry


being like the many layers

a crust for support

sauce for comfort and cheese for being a friend.


I am from a diamond

wanting to go many places

and get there before I am out

but cannot because I am at home.

I am from a jewelry shop

waiting to be picked out

being handed to a person

who will trust in me the most.

I am from a store

all slick and green

giving great advice and

listening to people talk

I am from a mother's womb

being cared for and nurtured.

When I came out becoming

friends with friends who care

being there not afraid.


I am from a caring family

supporting me through the years.

"You worry too much," "Just

be yourself" you will come through

one day.

I am from a loving world,

not so peaceful but worried world

"Calm down" take a breather

You'll do fine

feeling good and feeling well

in this open world of mine.

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