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This is a short story of the novel I intend to write. I like to do this to get opinions on whether the story line sounds interesting and whether I can make it gripping enough.

All these people rushing past, they’re always in a hurry. Hardly anyone looks at me and the ones that do look at me with disgust. Well I’d tell you, if you only asked, that it is not my fault I am sat on this dull street letting the rain hammer down on me and filling my little cup with water instead of coins. I had to get out, he put me in hospital, yet they said there was no proof because my mum and sister were too scared to stand up to him. I hope that they are ok, but I can’t afford to dwell on the past too much. When your 16 years old and you’ve had such a shit life already, you think that there is no hope left, especially when everyone thinks your scum. What can I do? How can I get out of this life?

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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