Sun Sand and Secrets

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Molly Reynolds’s summers have grown predictable.
But last summer everything changed.
She knows she shouldn’t have feelings for Ryan Miller but she just can’t help it.
Just like she can’t help her feelings of hatred for his new girlfriend Ashley Dubois.
And it seems like her older siblings Jason and Hailey have a few secrets of their own.
Thrown in a beach house, no parents, alcohol, skinny-dipping, ex-boyfriends, hormones, secrets and the past coming back to haunt them and you have a summer that is going to be anything but predictable.

Table of Contents

Sun Sand and Secrets

Chapter One Jason walked into the room and I smirked, remembering the car journey. “Do your shoes still smell like take out?” I d... Read Chapter

Chapter Two “You and Ryan slept together? You and Ryan Miller?” Hailey said again and I yanked her down so the shelf of fresh fru... Read Chapter

Chapter Three “Why don’t you like Ashley?” Jason asked. “Eh-” I stood there with my mouth open until Hailey pushed me b... Read Chapter

Chapter Four They all filed into the sitting room and I could hear them arguing as I watched t... Read Chapter

Chapter Five “Help! Let me go! Someone-” I yelled as loudly as I could hoping another car would pass or one of the tourists from ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six What had I done? I sat up in bed and groaned at the sunlight streaming in through the windows. It was morning. That meant... Read Chapter