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deep poems that i wrote

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011





Why cant your bff be a boy that you happen to love? Thatbroke your heart five years into your friendship only to notice he'd lost the best thing that had ever happened to him?
Why can't he be the one who lost you to a razor blade or a rope? Why cant he be the one that could have saved you?

This game we call life.

We find our life is hatful and scary

We act all stupid, dumb, and wary


We only find the hate and pain in life

We see the state and gain in fights


We think that’ll never be me

We think we will never see


The pain people find every day

We all wish we could fade away


We not all voice this fear

But above all, it is there






Black Canvas


I'm your black canvas,
I'm sorry to say,
You paint on me,
All the colors drift away.
I once was bright,
With colors all over,
I once was happy,
Now always and never.

Drifting away


I feel lonley and hated,
I'm sorry to say,
I feel it would be easier,
To just drift away,
In myself,
I feel the depression,
All the jerks,
Have made an impression.





Black bottomless pit


This black bottomless pit,
I call my life,
Has taken my strength,
Has taken my fight.
Similar to a black hole,
It takes in all the light,
It's killing me inside,
It's taking over my life.



You brought me back


I've lost all color,
Lost all light,
Lost all happiness,
Lost my life.
You give me color,
You give me light,
You give me happiness,
You are my life.




Black hole


What i am,
Is a black hole,
It is my life,
It is my soul.
I take the light,
From neighboring stars,
I take their fight,
I take their hearts.




She popped the pills one by one,
but her final thoughts were never done,
she wrote her last words with a shaky hand,
making the bells jingle on her wrist band,
'The black ink i write in,
reflects my soul,
the bottomless pit,
the giant black hole,
it's not because of you,
it's not because of me,
it's because of this life,
from which i want to be free,
i dont want to be 'safe',
i dont want to be 'she',
i dont want to be 'loved',
i want to be me.'

With her last shaky breath,
She whispered goodbye,
To the other peice of her heart,
The only one in her eyes,
You see he had been diagnosed with cancer,
Just this past year,
It brought dread into her heart,
It also brought fear,
The old life she lived,
Would never be the same,
So she ended it all,
And he was to blame...







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