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action, mystery, sci-fi---boy goes home and follows parents. Finds somthing in sewer, goes somewhere finds parents, home.

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



Max knew thought that it was going to be a boring day like usual. He *thought* that he would be able to get by.  He had came home from school and his parents were gone. his parents were usually not home when he got back. They wrote him a not this time: We will be back soon. Do your homework!-Your Parents.

This was getting old. they did this basically every other day. They left some time before he got home and on weekends, sometimes they weren’t there the moment he wakes up! The weirdest thing was that they always left together. He had never seen them leave, but they always came back at the same time as each other. They always seemed to surprise him by getting in the house and greeting him inside of the house. He knew that they were doing something strange but he didn’t care to find out what because he knew that they would scold him like they had when he tried following them. He felt something different today though, he felt that they should be obligated to stay home today. What kind of parent leaves their only child home alone on his birthday? It was fine if it was a holiday because they had almost no meaning to him, but his birthday was different. He was going to college soon so they should at least be there to stay with him the last few days he was in the state. He was going to take a stand. He was going to look for them.

He already knew where to look because he put simple tracking devices in their phones. All he had to do was look at his phone and follow the blinking red dots. He never tried it before because he was afraid they only worked once so he was saving them for a special day when he felt that he needed to do it and today was that special day. He took his phone and started the device. Beep* Beep* Beep*....... was all he heard for a few minutes. He was frustrated enough to throw his phone out the window and give up on ever finding out where his parents go and what they do there. All of a sudden, there was one long Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* and two red dots right next to each other appeared right next to where his yellow dot was.

Max was baffled. He hadn’t realized that these years of confusion that were caused by his absent parents, that they were located right next to him. Below, or above, it didn’t matter; he was going to find them and sort his life’s problems out. He was going to question them for leaving him alone for more of half of his life. Max went to the basement and looked around. After a while of coughing and pushing things over, he found a door. It wasn’t the biggest door in the world, but it was certainly big enough to let him through.

He walked through the door and gasped; there was a corridor about 10 feet tall one way, and the other was a closed door. The door didn’t look like it had been touched, but the corridor looked like it was used recently so he walked in the corridor. After a few hours, he kept on following the glowing red dots and eventually he realized that the corridor would only lead forward so he stopped looking and kept on walking. After what felt like hours, he took a turn and saw a bright light. He ran forward and saw that it was a dead end.

He looked on his phone and and saw that the yellow dots were not in the neighborhood he was in. He zoomed out and saw that they weren’t even in the country! They were in France! He stood there staring at his phone in disbelief and sat down on a big book. He decided that they fakes all along and that the tracking devices were scams.

He felt miserable. So miserable that he took his phone, opened the book, and he threw his phone in and slammed the book as hard as he could. He felt a pulling sensation from the book and looked down. The book was partially dissolving and was in a state in between liquid, gas and solid. The atoms of the book itself were bending and swaying like a trick in the light. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best then he saw that there were small creatures, made of dark matter coming out of the book. He jumped back but he was too late. The small creatures crawled over him and engulfed him; going into his clothes and making it hard to breathe. He closed his eyes, hoped for the best and blacked out.

When he woke up, he was in a place similar to where he blacked out. He realized that he woke up because of a sound, so he looked around and saw that he wasn’t where he was before. There was a bigger open space in front of him, there was a set of stairs and a torrent of green stuff and heard a lot of squeaking. He got of of there fast. He dusted himself off, and looked around. There were tall buildings everywhere and was that… way. That was the Eiffel tower. How did he get there while he was blacked out? He spent the next hour walking around looking for his parents and sightseeing. He decided that it was time to start heading back to the book when he remembered that he didn’t know how this thing worked. He wouldn’t be able to get back until he found his parents or something happened. He sat there miserable until he fell asleep.

Matt woke up to the sound of gunshots, and when he did, he wasn’t happy. He saw his parents running toward him at full speed. They had bullet holes in their long lab robes and they looked just about as surprised as he did when they saw him, in rags, next to the book. They glanced at each other while running and then shouted to him telling him to open the book and get ready for a shock. He did as he was told to and then he stood up looking at them. They sprinted over and he wanted to ask them about everything, until he noticed a metal pole coming around the corner, as he waited to see what it was, he saw treads, a metal body and gasped; it was a tank. He turned and saw his mother and father grimacing, then he noticed the black creatures were climbing up them again and he heard the tank turning and he closed his eyes and hoped for the best…



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