The Assassination

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it is about the lincoln assassination and it is from a first person perspective

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012






We first met in a bar after one of Lincolns speeches. He walks into the bar, With anger and rage filled in his eyes, And he orders a glass of Jack Daniels straight and tells the bartender to leave the bottle. He says to the bartender "I cant stand that president Lincoln, he really just pisses me off you know."

The way he talked about hating president lincoln really intriged me, so I think to myself "Im going to go and talk to this guy and see what his problem is". So I walk over to the end of the bar and say to the man "So you really hate that lincoln guy huh." He says to me "Nobody can even describe it." He shakes my hand and says "John W. Booth is the name, whats yours." I say to him "George.. George Atzerodt." He says to me "sit down and have a drink."

So we really hit it off as good friends, We went out to the bars and got drunk together, And sometimes it would be the usual where one of us gets to drunk so we get thrown out of the bar and we go and find another one or we would call it a night.

Anyways after a month or so of going out and getting drunk with each other with the harsh stench of whiskey in his breath he says to me...

John:"Hey your a real good friend of mine now hmm."

I reply with a sudden nod, then he says

John:"Well i want to let you in on something alright its a big secret you cant tell anyone."

I reply with a nod again

Then John says:"so me and you really hate lincoln , Yes, So i came up with a plan to get rid of him. you, me and a couple of other guys are going to kidnap him."

I suddenly snap out of my drunken daze and say:"What how in the hell are you me and a couple of guys going to kidnap the president of the united states."

John says immediately:"Well don't announce it to the world, anyways thats the thing about it nobody would ever expect it so what do you say i need your help i cant do it alone."

then I say:"Well if you have people together already i would feel bad to say no. Alright but only on one condition i dont have to kidnap anyone i just will help plan it thats it."

John says:"Thats all i need you for i promise no assisstance in the kidnapping i swear on anything in the world."

He said with his drunkish slur, I shook his hand and said yes to his deal but little did i know is that i just made a deal with a pshycopath.


So a day or two later after we have well had time to sober up. John takes me to his house that I have seen a few times but he takes me to a room where he secretly has hidden where it is a whole information room on President Lincoln, I mean EVERYTHING on Lincoln.

then I say to him "So.... you got quite the establishment here."

He says with a snigger "Yeah i guess you can call it that. But its a mess and needs to be organized thats where you come in."

then I say "Oh so im supposed to organize all of 'this' crap."

He says to me "Yeah why would you like some brandy to go with it."

I say "I wouldnt mind it."

Then there is a sudden knock on the door. As i pull out a gun,

i say to John "Who's here with us."

Then John says "Its okay its just my guys."

John then opens the door and there stands 5 men, The 4 men were around middle aged then the fourth one was very young he had to be atleast 20.

Then John says "George this is Samuel Arnold, David Herold, Michael O'Laughlen, Lewis Powell, and finnally John Surratt."

I stand up to greet them and gave them all a handshake and a pleasant hello.


After a few weeks it started to get organized then a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months until we finnally advised a plan to kidnap everybody including President Lincoln, Secretary of State William H. Seward, And Vice President Andrew Johnson. Our plan was fullproof nothing could stop us until the one day, where John Booth comes in

and says "Hey were going to start packing up were moving our covert of operations haha."

I say with confusion "Why are we moving it. And where is it getting moved to."

He says to me "John Surratt's basement, it's bigger, better, and his mother lives there so it is the perfect cover if anybody notices anything plus she can help us."

I say "Alright but we dont need her help she can stay out of the way and just let us work there."

He says to me "fine but start packing this crap up."


So after we have settled in at John Surratt's basement, And one day john booth had went to one of Lincoln's speeches and he went and checked his mail and somebody told him that President Lincoln is attending a play at the fords theatre that night. John then thought to himself that this would be the perfect oppourtunity to execute his plan.

So he came busting into the basement saying to all of us while we were there

He says "Boys I got us a tip for us to execute our plan, and I have thought everything out in my head."

Then he explains "Lewis you will go and kill the secretary of state at his house. George you will kill vice president at the kirkwood hotel, and I will kill President Lincoln at the play at fords theatre tonight."

I immediatley interupt after he is done talking and say "Whoa I didn't agree to killing anybody all I wanted to do was organize and maybe help kidnap someone but i never ever agreed to killing anyone."

Then John says to me "George you are to far into this there is no backing out now."


Later that day I checked in at the Kirkwood Hotel in the room right above where Vice President Andrew Johnson was staying. I decided to go dozy ondown to the bar to have a couple drinks at the percise time i was supposed to kill Johnson, But i decided to go and have a couple of drinks first. While i was in the bar i had my gun and my knife on me. I talked to the bartender about Andrew Johnson.

After some time and many drinks later i was well enough wasted, I went and walked around in the streets of washington. in my drunken state i became nervous and tossed my knife away in the street and made my way to pennsylvania house hotel by 2am. I checked into a hotel room and went to sleep.

The next day when I wake up hungover I go downstairs to the lobby and look at the newspaper to see a 100,000 dollar reward for the arrest of John W. Booth 50,000 and co-consperators Lewis Powell 25,000 and David E. harold 25,000. My heart stops. I dropped the news paper, Picked it up and walked backed to my room without looking at anyone.

I throw the newspaper on the bed and start pacing back and forth like a mad man, heart beating like crazy, I think to my self what happened last night, where did everyone go, what is going to happen to me. My heart beating my brain thinking, then I think if they get caught caught whats going to happen are they going to tell the authorities that I was innvolved. I dont want to go to prison I wont be able to handle it. Or even think of having a rope tied around my neck and being dropped. Then I remember that I have the gun from last night in my coat pocket, I run and grab it, sit on the bed wielding the pistol in my hands and about a minute later I put it up to my head and hold it there for around 30 seconds I shout my last words outloud "goodbye world!" then I pull the trigger BLAM!



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