Boys are crazy

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Basically it's talking about how boys use girls but when its the other way around they not as hard as they seem.

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



It's easy to say "I love you"

But the next day your using her.

Who are you?

Your not a man, your just a little boy that don't

know how to wipe his own #ASS!

Yet... we can be taking your useless heart and putting it in a cast.

Life is a #BITCH!

How does it feel to be thought about last?

See all boys talk about is S.E.X

How they did her.

How they want to do her.

Yea... you can be telling your boys this but

you know all you got from her was a kiss and S.E.X through a 


Yea, us girls like to have fun but when you

play with are emotions.

Know that there will be a commotion.

Thought ya' had balls but instead your running back to your

mom like the little boys ya' are. 

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