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It discusses the three main elements to create harmony inside the family.

Submitted: June 02, 2011

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Submitted: June 02, 2011



Many of us are familiar with the word family. But we are confused when we want to define it .This confusion derives from the fact that the concept of family is changing over time. Some people see that harmony within the family is not necessary. However, many sociologists insist that harmony is one of the most important basises of the family. For that reason, they indicate three tasks that family members should do in order to secure harmony.

First of all, comuunication is the most important element that helps to secure harmony within the family. Many experts bear out that when family members communicate well with each other, there is a better chance to have a strong and united family . In fact, and in order to create an atmosphere of harmony, sympathy and unity, family members should talk about their opinions and discuss their points of views. In other words, they should talk about all the different issues, for this leads to form a more perfect family. Apart from talking, family members, by and large, should be good listeners.As a matter of fact, they have to listen to each other, in order to solve their own problems together. This will certainly lead to have a stronger family that faces their obstacles with no hesitation and no doubt.

In addition to communication, responsibility is always regarded as an important feature to create harmony within the family. In fact, many peaple see that family members should be responsible.In other words, they should be mature, conscious and even reliable, since responsibility paves the way to establish a united family.For that reason, every one should recognize his rights and his duties. For instance, the father is, in general, the breadwinner.The mother is the one who looks after the children while the kids should concentrate on their studies. this undoubtedly secures harmony , order and regulation inside the family.

it is often argued that help and support whithin the family is not necessary.However, a recent research proved that sharing the sentiments of care and support is extremely important to secure the harmony inside the family.In fact, family members should be caring and supportive. They should also be helpful and even understanding.

In brief, it is important to understand that "family" is far more than a simple concept. In fact, it is almost the only way to create a strong personality, a happy family, and a united society. It is a way to lead a comfortable life and enjoy well-being.

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