Lost with thoughts

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When a noble brother tries to help out his family by getting a job he gets put out to the streets. Does he come back? Will he help his sick mother and poor sister? Or does he leave them alone to fend for themselves in there low point of life?

Once upon a time, there's this castle in the distance, at least that's what I think it is. It's foggy out and raining, I am so far away, I start to walk towards it. Theres trees and plants all around me, it's so green and beautiful here. I'm almost there, it's so big, there's a guy standing by the doors, not moving, not once. I go to reach out to touch open the door, then a flash of white comes over me, I sit up and I'm awake. It was all a dream.... \"Come on Kara! We have work to do before mom and dad get back.\" Anton kicks the foot of my bed. I groan and roll over \" but mummy and daddy won't be home until late tonight! We have all day to clean and do work Anton! \" I roll back over and close my eyes, but of course Anton won't let it go that easy, he's in charge. \" Kara come on. I don't want to wait until last minute to do it all.\" I sit up angrily \" Anton, if you are in such a rush to do work, then go do it! I had a hard day yesterday and I would like to sleep in! Now if you do not mind, please shut the door behind you on your way out!\" I puff at him and he narrows his eyes, then smirks at me as I lay back down pulling the covers over my head. I close my eyes and the next thing I know my covers are on the floor and I am over Anton's shoulder being carried out of our room. \"If you won't get dressed and work, then you will work in pajama clothes.\" He snickers at himself as I glare at him. After a day of cleaning and fun playing around, mother and father come home. \" hello my darlings! How was your day? \" Mom sits down at the table with her after day tea, I sit next to her \" it was great, we played games like hide and go seek, and tag! Oh mummy Anton's good at tag, he's really fast! And, Anton even let me go to the store for some pop.\" Mom looks at Anton leaning on the wall across the table \" Anton, we didn't give you any money for pop... How did your sister get a pop?\" He removed the hay from his mouth to speak \" I took a job up town working on cars in my free time to help out the family. I had a little extra, I was going to save it for a rainy day but Kara wanted to go up town, I wasn't going to let her go with no money.\" Mom looked at pa \" to help out the family? What does he mean Ben? Are we having money troubles again?!\" Mom started to stand and pa's gaze stayed firm on Anton. \" Beth why don't you take Kara up for a bath? She looks like she could use some cleaning.\" Anton and dad stared at each other as mom and I went up for a bath. \"How dare you!? How dare you bring up MY problems in front of your mother like that! You have no right Anton. \" dad leans on the sink and puts his Hands on his head rubbing his temples \" your problems? Dad, if you are having money problems it affects the whole family! You can't just keep it from mom like you did last time.\" Dad looks up \" and that's your choice? H-how did you find out anyways?\" He walks towards Anton as Anton speaks \" I saw the papers on your desk the other day when you asked me to grab your case. After school the next day I went out and got a job.\" Anton stayed right were he was knowing what was coming, accepting it. Dad got to Anton and started to fix his collar, \"you went through my stuff? You know how I feel about that.\" He grabs Anton and bashes him into the wall then grabs him by the throat Lifting him off his feet \" I don't need your help providing for my family and I don't want you to bring it up again. You hear me? \" through clenched teeth Anton breathes \" all I can hear is you're not man enough to ask for help, even if it puts your family at risk. \" he tightens his grip on Anton's throat \" I want you out. Out of this house! Tonight!\" He throws Anton against the wall hard once more, then lets go and heads up to mom and I. Only, dad doesn't know that I was watching, I run over to Anton and hug him tight, \" no! Anton you can't leave! \" I cry into his stomach, I was only 11. Anton hugs me \" Kara I thought you were in the bath. \" I don't look up \" I was but mummy asked me to go grab the new soap and I heard daddy yelling at you, I had to watch. \" I take a step back as he kneels down to kiss my forehead \" I'll come back for you. I promise Kara. I promise.\" He gets up and walks out the door leaving me there with only a promise. The next few weeks were hard without Anton. Mom and dad couldn't go out as much as they use to, and daddy started to drink more, and started to beat mom and I. I miss Anton so much. It's been about a month and Anton hasn't come back.... Why hasn't he come back? He said he would, he promised me. Maybe he's got troubles he needs to take are of first. Yeah that's it... Troubles... \"You whore!\" Dads home.. He wobbles in drunk. I flinch as he hits mom. It's been four years since Anton left us. I'm now 15, and I still pry anton will come home and take mama and I away, i watch the door everyday, but I've lost most hope that he's coming home... Home, how could i even call this a home. We have lost our farm, we've been moved into a bad part of the town, dad lost his job, and mom barely leaves the house, even when she does dad or I have to go with her so he knows she's not cheating. Dad hits mom again, this time across the face, I step between his hits and her body, her poor fragile body. We just found out she has cancer and she is bed ridden, father isn't taking to it so well. \" dad! You drinking and hitting her isn't helping her get better! Or us get our house and farm back! You're making it worse! She's sick cant you see your killing her faster with every hit!\" He stops and stares at his sick wife, stops and sits down, he tears up and takes her limb hand and presses it to his lips whispering \" I'm so sorry. So sorry. Beth. Please Beth I'm so sorry.\" I walk to the kitchen and get her a glass of water making her sip, and then grabbing a bowl of water and a rag to clean off her bloody face, dabbing lightly watching her skinny face as she smiles at me and tells me \" Kara, I love you baby girl. I know I don't have long, and then ill leave you hear alone in the world without a mother, I just need to know, will you forgive me? \" I look at her \" forgive you for what mommy? Being sick? No, it's not your fault you are sick. Don't talk like that.\" I move the hair out of her face and she grabs my hand \" Kara, please. I just need to know you forgive me. Please.\" She gazes into my eyes. A gaze so far. So lost and gone. I hold back a cry, I must be strong for her. \"Yes mamma. I forgive you. I will always forgive you.\" I hug her and kiss her on her cheek. I wake up the next day to someone cooking in the kitchen. Which I found odd... Dad never cooks plus he's never home in the mornings, he goes out with the neighbor fishing. and mama is to ill to do anything. I walk into the kitchen to see a guy standing at the stove cooking eggs and bacon, drinking out of one of our cups, smelled like coffee. \"Uhm, excuse me? Can I help you?\" The guy spins around with a wide smile. He looks at me, he looks at me like he knows me, smiles at me like I'm a long lost friend. I glare. \" I said an I help you? Because if not I'm afraid you must leave my pa will be home soon and I need to take care of my ma. Now please tell me who you are and why you are in my house.\" I stand there, awaiting my answers. The guy loses his smile \" Kara? You don't remember me! \" I look at him up and down, his eyes remind me of Anton, but Anton's been gone four years, there's no way... Is there? \"Ant-\" I started to, I wanted to.. But I can't, I won't let my guard down like that, with hopeful thinking. \"Er- just ell me or get out! \" he steps forward \"oh, you've grown. Little Kara, it's me! It's Anton! \" I take a step back. It cant be. He left. \" Anton? \" \"yup it's me!\" He sits down and starts to eat the eggs he made. \" where have you been!?\" I sit down across the table from him watching him eat. Shoving it in his mouth like he hasn't eaten in days. \" I've been, you know around.\" I stand up so fast my chair flips \"you have been around? That's your answer? Anton you left us! You promised me you'd be back and you waited four years to come home?! And you answer I've been around?! \" I look at his food and notice its burnt.. Anton never brunt food, at least not when he lived with us he didn't. He didn't look up from his plate as he waved his fork in the air \"four years? I mean, yeah well I'm sorry I got busy. But look I'm back.\" I look at him, I look at him hard. That's when dad walked In, walked in and saw him sitting at the table. \"Hey da-\" dad lunged and Anton before he could finish wheat he was saying, and that's when I knew... Dad had Anton up on the wall by the throat screaming in his face, \"you have some nerve coming back after I told you to leave! Some nerve!\" I leaned up on the wall watching, waiting. Anton looked confused. Looked scared. \"Hey what's your problem?!?! Let me go! \" dad slammed him to the wall again \"what?! You don't remember?!\" Anton shakes his head best he can \"no man! I'm not Anton! Let me go! \" dad let the guys throat go, but held onto him so he couldn't run. I walk up to him \"I knew you weren't Anton. \" I shook my head \" you think that because we lost him means you beggars can come in here and pose! Just to eat some food.\" I picked up the chair I knocked over and sat down in it. \"No, no I was just. I was.\" Dad shook him to shut him up \"if I catch you in my house again I will not hold back-\" the guy looked at dad with wide eyes \"That was you holding back!?\" Dad pressed him to the wall \"do not come back. Ever and tell your friends too. Get out! Now!\" The guy run out the door not even shutting it behind him. I went to the market to get some food, since the homeless guy ate most of ours, I bump into a guy \"oh, I'm sorry.\" I say and walk away. A few food carts later I look up to see the same guy I bumped into following me. I didn't show that I knew he was following me I just kept shopping, staying in the crowd, hoping he would go away... Please go away.... It wasn't enough that a guy faked being my brother this morning but now in the same day I am being followed. Great. After I was done shopping I looked around for the guy and didn't see him. I headed home and about half way there the guy ran up and hugged me. I screamed and dropped my food basket \"what are you- ah look my food is all over! Will you let me go! I don't know you, what is wrong with you. You better pick up ever single thing you made me drop. Get to it sir.\" I stand there arms crossed watching as this stranger picks up my food. He stands up \" let me carry it for you. It's the lest I can do.\" I toolkit from him \"I think you have done enough. Can you just leave me alone?\" He smiles \"but Kara it's me! Anton! \" I roll my eyes. \"Can't you people just leave us alone?! First you guys break into our house and now following me home? Just stopped the act and leave me alone.\" I push him aside and start to walk, but he runs in front of me. \"Kara! Really it's me! What do I have to do to prove it?\" I sigh \"Uhm, how about go back in time and come home sooner? Oh, you can't? Then leave. You're good at that.\" I push him aside again only to be followed \" alright point taken, I left and it's been four years I know- \" I stop. \" I never said it was four years...\" He smiles \" no you didn't! But I know its been four years because its really me Kara!\" I shake my head \"no you probably heard it from the other homeless guy who tried this morning. \" I start to walk again. He sighs really loud and follows. \" Kara if I wasn't me then how would I know... That you hate work. You will do anything to get out of it and I had to force you to do work every day!?\" I huffed \"anyone could have guessed that. Nobody likes to work.\" He walks beside me \"alright how about... How about the hide and go seek we would play every time mom and dad went out. And how dad kicked me out because I tried to help by getting a job. And you were watching when you were supposed to be taking a bath with mom. You hugged me telling me not to go.\" I started to run. \" Kara wait! \" he followed me. And I only ran faster dropping my basket to lessen the weight so I could run faster, easier. I could see my house, he was close on my heels, until he stopped to pick up my basket and food. I started to cry, I felt the hot stream of tears flow down my face as I ran to the house, ran inside shut the door and sank to the floor. It couldn't be Anton, it couldn't, but he knew. He knew what others didn't, not even father... It had to be.. A few minutes later I heard a knock at the door and I opened it to see just the basket sitting at the door, \"who is it Kara?\" Pa asked from his room, drinking most likely, \"oh no one pa. Just some woman returning my basket she saw me drop at the market. \" A few days later I woke up, made ma some breakfast, helped her eat it, and helped her bathe. Then I heard it. What I have been waiting for. A knock. A simple one, two, three, pause. One, two, pause. One, two, three, four. It was Anton's knock. He would always do it so ma and I would know it was him coming home and not pa. I felt a cry in the back of my throat, I choked it back. I can't let him see me like this. I'm mad at him... Mad for leaving. It's been four years. Stay mad I told myself... But we all knew I was the closet to Anton, I could never stay mad. I walked slowly to the door, if it was him, he'd wait. I got to the door, I checked for tears, then I opened the door. He was standing there, tall, handsome as he always was. He smiled \"Kara.\" I nodded. \"It's really you huh?\" He shook his head yes. And I couldn't help myself, the streams of tears came back and I threw my arms around him hugging him tight. \"Oh Anton! It's been four years! I've missed you so much!\" He hugged me back and mumbled into my hair where he rested his head \" I missed you too Kara, I am so sorry I've been gone for so long.\" We let go and walk inside. \"So, were is mom? I can't wait to hug her and see how she's been!\" I look at him \" oh, that's right you don't know...\" He looks confused. \"Anton, moms.. Mom has cancer... She's very ill. \" he looks at me \" show me her.\" i walk him to her room and Anton covers his mouth and grabs the top of his head and gasps tearing up when he sees all the cuts and bruises she has on her arms legs, and face. \"Mom...\" He gently places a hand on her arm only to see her wince at the pain it brings her. His sorrow turns to rage \"Kara.. Did dad do this? \" I slowly shake my head yes, and he gets up walking into the kitchen, punching the table and picking up a chair then slamming it to the floor. Yelling \"I should have been here! I should have prevented this! I should hav-\" he stops and looks at me.. \"Kara. Let me see your arms.\" He walks towards me. I step back. \"I'm fine Anton, you don't have to.\" He walks to me \" Kara, let me see. Pull up your sleeves. Now.\" I sigh and do as he asked and close my eyes as he grabs me and hugs me kissing the top of my head. \"Kara I'm so sorry.\" Dad wobbles in drunk, more than normal. He sees Anton, \"oooooh. Look who came home! Loooook who showed up!\" He hiccuped out. He sets his beer bottle on the table. And looks at the broken chair on the floor \"aw why'd you go and break my chair? That was my favorite you know?\" He walked best he could to Anton and swings at him. \"Dad don't.\" Dad stood back up straight \"dad don't\" he mocked. He walked into moms room and looked at her \"you let him in? You let that bastard back into my house? How dare you?! \" he hit mom and Anton lost it he tackled dad to the floor next to moms bed and started to beat dad. \"Anton stop it! Anton please!\" I screamed in an attempt to stop him. Obviously he was to far gone, to mad to hear me. He let dad stand back up the best he could, then gave him one more good hit to the face. Anton turned to mom to make sure she was alright. I waited for pa to stand back up... But he didn't. He wouldn't. I fell to my knees and checked for a heart beat. There wasn't one. I looked up to see Anton in tears collapsed on moms chest. \"No. No. No. No. No. No. No.\" I could hear him say then him try to give her CPR. I started to cry already knowing that in know night we've lost two parents. After Anton gave up trying to bring mom back I helped him bury them in the back yard. We had no money for a real funeral, so we did our own. We cleaned up the house and our selves, then sat in silence watching the fire burn. \"You killed him.\" I said breaking the hour long silence. He looked up \"he was killing mom, then when she was gone, he would have put you in the same place Kara. \" I watch the flames as the rise and then fall back to the ground as ashes... Like us.. We all fall at some point... We are born into a world so cold brought up to a nice high pointing life, then fall back, back to the ground where we shall stay, our decaying bodies... We all fall. \" but you killed him Anton... You killed our father!\" I stood up. \"He was a cruel man and did horrible things but what you did was no better! You are a man now Anton! You are 19 and you killed our FATHER!\" I step backward watching him, my brother... The man who killed my father, OUR father. He stands up, \"Kara. Please understand I didn't mean to. He was hurting our family, mom, and you. I couldn't let him do it!\" I open the door and run, I ran into the night with nothing, no plan, no idea as to what to think and nothing to survive on. Anton followed me but couldn't keep up, it was dark and he couldn't see where I was. He headed back, he decided he would look when the sun came up. Anton hardly got any sleep but still went looking for Kara, he looked as much as he could of the woods and then went up to the market asking people if they had seen her. No one had seen her he went to the last cart left in the market \"excuse me, but have you seen a girl she is 15, her name is Kara, she's about this tall\" he puts his hand up under his chin \" has dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. \" the lady shook her head \" no I am truly sorry sir, but... I.. Could help you.. You know look for this girl.... She is... Your, girlfriend yes? \" the lady looks at the ground. Anton shakes his head \"what? No, she is my little sister. She ran away last night and I can not find her. I am worried about her. She's just a baby. \" the girl looks at him \"she's 15 and a baby? How old are you? \" he looks at her \" she's my little sister she will always be a baby to me. I'm 19. And I really should be looking for her, excuse me.\" He starts to walk away and she follows him. \"I will help you. You certainly shouldn't be alone during this time, plus an extra pair of eyes could help you find her faster..\" She says hopefully, but determined. Anton smiles but quickly hides it \"yeah, you're right it could help me find her faster.\" The lady smiles and hold out her hand \"well, alright then I am Clare, and you?\" Anton grabbed her hand and shook it. \"Anton.\" She smiled wide \"nice to meet you Anton! \" they looked all through the woods and researched the market then decided to call it a night. \"Well, thanks again for helping me Clare. I don't know what else to do. \" Clare placed a hand on his shoulder \"what you do is go home and relax she will come home in her own time. \" he put his hand on hers and smiled \"would you like to come to my house with me? For some tea? It's late and you really shouldn't be alone going home and my house is right there.\" \" sure! I mean, yeah I guess that would be alright.\" He holds her hand as they walk and talk to the house, they got to the house and opened the door too find Kara sleeping In front of the fire place. Anton sighs in relief and picks her up and carries her to her room setting her on the bed and covers her up. He kisses her forehead \"goodnight Kara, I love you.\" Aton walks back out to the kitchen where he left Clare, \"I'm so happy she is alright and home safe. I don't know what I'd do if I had lost her, I just got her back.\" Clare titles her head a little in curiosity. \"What do you mean Anton?\" He leaned forward and rubbed his eyes, getting up \"tea?\" He glanced at her from the cupboard \"yes please\" she replied as Anton made the tea he told her about what had happened four years ago, then up until this day. She leans back \"oh my goodness. I'm so... So speechless Anton.\" Anton stretches. \"Yeah...\" She leans back forward \"let me help..\" Anton shook his head. \" no I couldn't take your money Clare, it wouldn't be right.\" She giggles \"no, you don't understand, my dad, he's rich. We own the fort gratiot waterfront property. We could get you a better home, and help you until you guys get back on your feet again. Please let me do this.\" Anton shakes his head. \"No, I won't. I- \" he stops and notices he's starting to sound like his dad... The heartless man he was, to risk everyone's stable life by not taking help when needed. He sighs \"alright... For Kara I will take the help.\" Clare buys Anton and Kara a nice sized home for three people, and Clare's dad hired Anton to work for him. Kara became a teacher, and Clare started to date Anton. After two years of dating Anton takes Clare to a beautiful water fall and gets on one knee. \"Clare, would you please do me the honor of becoming my wife, will you marry me?\" Clare starts to tear up \"yes Anton! Yes of course!\" I see it. The castle it's foggy out, but it's not raining, I walk up to the doors... There's a man, not moving, not once. I push open the doors and I see people, people gathered there sitting looking at my handsome brother in his tux, I sit and the music plays... I see my beautiful soon to be sister in law walk down the aisle. I see my family, the only people I need. The end.<3

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