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It is about the BIG day of a girl and the man of his life. Magic spell between two friends who barely know each other after 8 long years.

Submitted: March 02, 2016

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Submitted: March 02, 2016



I am the celebrity of today show. Filled with excitement and little nervous about how I am gonna handle myself. When I entered the hall every eyes were on me. Felt like Honoured princess walking on Red carpet. Yes it is a Big day where I become Mrs. from Ms.

He was my schoolmate till 10th grade. I hardly knew him, even though we were in the same class. He was one dusky, tiny kid with short hairs. Never saw him sit idle. Almost all the time he will be with stained shirt and torn pockets which will be drenched in sweat as he is a sports person. He just managed to pass all the exams. After all it's weird that he had craze between girls even at that age.

I am the least attractive in class. I am completely opposite to him. A still faced big ugly Teddy with pony and a lazy ass. I am kinda studious and submissive. People make fun of me being so huge and hence I stay away from them.

We went to different schools after board exams. Time flew and I became a different person after eight years. After my SSLC and college, now I work as a project co-ordinator in a civil concern. I lost weight but I am still chubby one with short hair. I carry myself with attitude and smile that makes people feel " Oh I know her man!". I talk much more than a person can imagine in the first meet.

One fine day I thought that, meeting good old friends might bring a change in this boring and routine life. Hence I hooked up with one of my school buddy and planned a get-together.

That evening was filled with fun, laughter, old stories to what we are now. It's really awesome being with old good buddies. We forgot ourselves and everything else.

There comes a guy with helmet. He is athletic built with intense masculine aura. Well ironed formal shirt and trousers with perfect shoes made me think "Who is this Mr. Perfect?" My world had stopped for a while to know who he is!!

A Sexy smile emerged from his glossy pink lips, when he removed his helmet. It's him! Jerome! WTF! I cant believe it! How come he become a Raymond's Model from shabby little kid!?

Through out the evening he was my centre of attraction. He made my spines froze when he makes his lips wet and talk with a smile. Uffff!! A person with red horns and long tail sat beside me starring at him and said " He is hot! Feel like kissing him. Isn't!?" My GOD what am I thinking! After all he is "Unknown friend".

I laughed at myself for what I felt that evening. I wanted to say "Hi!" at least in the text now. I got no guts to call him. What will I say even if I call him? , "Hi, Hello !!!" After that? And it will be guys who suppose to start the conversation, not the other way. Who made these rules! Holy crap! I dunno. This is first time I got this weird feel on a guy. A crush or lust!? Deep inside me I wanted to meet him again.

Soon after two weeks there comes another meet. I was damn happy like a kid who got most awaited gift!. I made sure I look pretty at least to him and dragged myself from office to the place early. On my way I was preparing myself as how and what to talk to him. "Girl! He is just a friend stop acting weird like drama Queen" I thought.

I met everyone else there but not him. Time flew, my smile started to fade away. Even though I was talking to my friends, my eyes and heart searched for him. Concluded that It was not my day!! I felt completely low and wanted to leave the place because I have no good reason to stay.

When I reached door step to put on my shoes, I saw the trespasser of my life who turned everything upside down in a day. A glimpse of smile blossomed from my lips. My heart had a secret party inside.

I got filled with mixed emotions. Happy that my purpose for this second meet is fulfilled and angry for making me wait so long. He made me feel sick with his absence. But everything changed in the next second.

Darkness creeps my heart and soul. He no more holds the sexy smile but tears in his eyes. I widened my eyes and asked " What's wrong??" He was blank. I screamed inside me" WTF is happening please someone do tell me!?" I sat near him. Everyone else started to shoot out their convincing words. Its only me who knew nothing. My heart rate rising seeing his tears.

After few minutes of consoling phase everyone again got back to their chit chats. Me, him and Raj were left alone. Finally Jerome spoke  " I went to meet my fiance". I was broken completely. My world stood still at his final words. Silence soothed me for few seconds. I tried quickly to recover from my thoughts and acted as if I am just one among all here to him. Deep Inside me I felt destroyed with no good reason. Why the hell am I feeling this way! I had no answer.

He continued " We were in relationship for seven years and lived our life together. Two weeks back she broke the engagement saying it doesn't gonna work out between us anymore! I am having sleepless nights for not knowing the reason and feeling like committing suicide when I am alone almost everyday. Today went to meet her to convince or atleast to know reason for the last time but ended in fight and I am defeated again." 

He broke down and cried like a lost kid hugging Raj. I wanted myself in place of Raj. I managed to say " Life is hard Jerome I know, but remember the pain you suffer moulds you completely to enjoy the surprise gifts it holds at end of every episodes ". I was done. I have nothing more to tell Jerome. I decided now it's better to leave the place before the "lNNER ME" emerges out.

When I was about to move away, Jerome held my hands, hiding his face in Raj shoulders. The grip was much more stronger, I felt his heavy heart and the voids in his life. At that moment I cleared of all my lust and promised myself " I should be at his side from now".

I know he might also be partial reason for the split with his past love because no girl will leave a guy behind after sharing her heart and soul in a seven years of relationship. But the pain would have made him realize his mistakes and changed into a different man. Though it was still a mystery to us all.

And now I see the same Raymond model near me with all excitement and same sexy smile. He was much more nervous than me. He look more seductive when he wipes his sweat again and again. Man!! He never stop making me feel high by wetting his lips. He seemed no lesser cute from day one. I could feel the shiver when he hold my hand in front of Church Father near Alter . I smiled at him and he smirked.

With both families blessing it's time to tie knot. We promised each other " No matter what we will stay together".

His first word as a dear husband - " From now I don't have any past! I am a new person because of YOU. My life is only about YOU and I LOVE YOU".

His beloved wife replied "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!.

Love filled the air and their Life.

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