Pampered kidz

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Most pampered kids are not happy one.

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



A baby shrink his eyes and gives you a wide smile showing his newly grown front teeth, how you feel!?.  Definitely it makes us feel awful! Still.. Arent we jealous deep inside our heart!?

We lost that innocence long years ago and now we are filled with all stress, hard feel, hectic days, lies, confusions, responsibility etc.., we don't even have enough time to feel the happiness of the life we hold. We run at the back of "MONEY" -  To satisfy the family need. - To get the girl/guy we wanted in our life - To live the life with all Luxury. - To safeguard our life and children in future.

After all these we wanted the children to have far better life. We pour all our love and make them comfort in every way. We never wanted them cry over anything. We give them best outta what we could. Our unconditional love makes our parenthood complete.

Really!!!!? Is it so?

Have you ever realized that you are corrupting the innocent heart and mind!?

Unconditional love should have some degree of awareness. Most pampered children were not the happy one. You makes things much more easy to them and hence the real value is still unknown. Moral issues are more important than financial ability.

My neighbor had 13 years old boy. They are happy getting everything done for him. They gave best in everything like phone, play station, branded clothes, best holidays etc., He was educated in the best school in city. Parents gave him feel like he is a" child born with silver spoon".

But he didn't deliver good attitude, respect for others and academics. He becomes arrogant when his parents were unable to get what he wants. Standing at the road he use to scream in filthy language and curse his parents to death as they are unable to fulfill their only child need.

Is this what parents needed after pampering a child giving your heart and soul!?  It's all because they never taught him values. They not only made their life harder but also his child's life.

Also keep in mind! Children learn from what you are than from what you teach!

Children are unable to decide, prioritize, take up challenges and responsibility, over come the failures etc.., Even children intend to commit suicide for small heart breaks.  Children should posses healthy self motivation. They should feel " I will do this because I am capable on my own". 

Learn to say "NO" to children. Might be it's hard now but that single word can teach your child to start reasoning their life.

Show them how hard you worked and what all you sacrificed for their best Birthday gifts.

Don't impose the blind family traditions into their heads. Traditions is to show morality and to preserve our culture (history) but not to blind fold someone and let the happiness dissolve. Feel happy for what they are. Encourage with the real talent they have. Respect their feel and never underestimate them just because they are children.

Teach them to live their life independent. Make them realize the value of life, person and money.  Allow them to become what they wanted to. Show them the right way to be successful.

At the end your Parenthood will be fulfilled.

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