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Make of it what you will..

Submitted: October 04, 2006

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Submitted: October 04, 2006



The light shinned directly on me,

broken in the center of the crowded theater.

I watched all that lurked at my sides,

and yelled out “let them remain in the shadows,

all those sinful demons.”


What went unseen was not always hidden,

and the shadows grew hungry.

I didn’t move a single inch.

The things I’d dread, only the evils could consume.

so I remained still.


I prayed for the light to branch out,

hoped for it to cover every corner.

Anticipation led to my anxiety,

and the shadows moved in closer.

Everything approached me clearer before.


My morals, my dreams,

my courage to be different from the crowd.

One wrong adjustment and my beliefs would come

out from within me.

Here I vow to stand in the light as long as possible.


Uncertainty was tearing the light from me.

Slight movement and the shadows would thrive and grab.

With each heartbeat, the shadows started to cling.

If I gave into them,

I’d be devoured instantly.


How could I have allowed

these outsiders to pick at who I am.

I had let myself be touched by their observations.

And I screamed, “I would not be taken by your words,

I would stand tall until my shadowy, lonely end.”


The darkness circled at my feet,

and I began to tremble.

Remembered times I hadn’t given into the spotlight.

The darkness was then broken,

and it showered in bright yellow light.

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