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Saying goodbye to the one you love is always painful no matter what form.

Submitted: July 07, 2008

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Submitted: July 07, 2008




In one chat room…

Cupido : Hi there! ASL please. I’m male, 31, Philippines.

Angelheart: Female, 31, Singapore.

Cupido : What a cute name. Are you really an angel?

Angelheart: They say I have the heart of gold. I like to help people. Especially the less fortunate ones. My friends regard me as their wind beneath their wings.

Cupido : That’s great! Others find me charming, intelligent and friendly. I often bridge the gaps for friends, lovers and the like.

Angelheart: But they often called me a Drama Queen. I cried over silly things. Too sensitive to handle.

Cupido : Then I’m the Ego King. I don’t bend my principles and wouldn’t allow abusive behavior towards me.

Angelheart: Do you have a girlfriend now?

Cupido : I do. I felt comfortable with our relationship but I’m still undecided if she’s the one. Do you have special someone right now?

Angelheart: No. Just recovered from my eleven years relationship. But I have this crush on someone but he’s too busy to notice me. He’s also working for the welfare of the poor.

Cupido : I got easily move on from my past relationship. You have to think of yourself first. Don’t let anybody hurt you that much.

Angelheart: It’s just so disappointing that after a decade he would told me that he can no longer accept me for what I become. But I already accepted the fact that he’s already gone.

Cupido : That’s good. Forget him. He’s not worth it.

Angelheart: Hey, what’s your work?

Cupido : I save lives.

Angelheart: Really? That’s great. How about joining us for the cause?

Cupido : Some other time. I’m busy right now with my career. I want to prove that I can also support myself. Money has been hard lately.

Angelheart: That’s too bad. I’ve been supporting my family too. I’ve been financing my sister’s education. Money has been also tough these days but I don’t forget to share my blessings to others inspite of.

Cupido : You really have a big heart. You remind me of someone…


From the background, someone is paging Cupido’s name…


Cupido : Gotta go. My patients need me at the moment. See you around!

Angelheart: OK. I will always be just here. I worked with computers.

Cupid : REALLY? Can I ask you a question? Is your ex a doctor too?

Angelheart: Why Yes!

Cupido : (Silent, heart pouding.) I’m glad you have survived a broken heart.

Angelheart: Thanks! Hey go now, your patients need you.


Cupido sign off, slowly stand up and walk towards the hallway… wiping a tear. He had hurt her that much. She had love him that much.





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