It must have been Love

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True love is tested until end of time.

Submitted: July 07, 2008

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Submitted: July 07, 2008



Confusion has brought me into thinking if what I’m feeling is only an obsession or is it true love. It seems from the start that my world has crumbled when he decided to leave me behind. I don’t know how to live anymore because it has been part of my system that I would always consider him first in everything that I do. By picking up the pieces of my life again has helped me to move on and helped me came to my senses that it is important to build yourself first then you would know the true meaning of love. Here are the reasons that made me realized that what I felt is not an obsession:

  • Having no fear of risk for the one you love. Willing to sacrifice your time, giving your best effort and knowing the danger yet still doing it for the sake of his happiness.
  • Unconditional love. No time limits, willingness to forgive no matter how grave his mistake is and accepting for who he is and no intention of changing him.
  • Setting him free. To let go is the final straw I guess I had difficulty in doing. Up to the last minute I still hope that someday he will see how much I love him and pray that he will need me too. But later on I realized that it doesn’t matter anymore if he would return such love. What important is that I know for myself that I’m capable of loving someone that much and wishing him comfort and happiness wherever he is now.

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