When the Love Begins

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There are times love truly hurts but it also can be seen to someone unexpectedly.

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008






"My dear angel, I have a mission for you. Would you go down the earth and spread my love to men," God said to one of his good angels.

The Good Angel gladly obey and fly away from heaven and when she touches the face of the earth disguises herself as one of them. She saw children playing not afar. She smiled and joins them. She taught them the arts of sharing, also obedience to their parents and the value of honesty. She left them with assurance in her heart that they would grow up such good citizens. Then she saw a family eating together. She asked them if she can joins them and the joy they could not explain upon seeing her that they let her be with them. She told them stories about family praying together, staying together even when storm comes to their lives. To hold on to each other, to be strength to one another. The family listens to her tenderly and she could hear their heart beating for each other. That there is love in each member. She stops in a mid-sentence when a couple passes by. What caught her attention is that they seem arguing. She politely leaves the family and followed the couple. She just watch them shouting to each other, throwing curses to one another and when the man is about to hit the woman, she intervene.

"You don’t want to hurt her, don’t you?," the Good Angel said. The man then realize what he was about to do then out of the blue hug the woman and kisses her head and whisper how sorry he was. The woman began to cry. "Why not talk things over," the Good Angel whisper to them then flee.

She passes by a church when she notices an old woman in quiet sobs, praying. The Good Angel sit beside the old lady and when the old lady saw her she told her what were her worries. She has just come from a doctor and was told that she would face death soon. She is not ready to die. Who would took care of her children and her grandchildren. Though it’s more of she is simply afraid of dying. The Good Angel told her to uplift all her worries to God and to trust him to whatever his plans for her. She advice the old lady to go home and spend some more moments with her family because these happy memories are the only thing she can bring when she cross over.

The Good Angel walks over the garden after her conversation with the old lady. She played with the bees, the birds, the butterflies. She was laughing so hard when she felt that somebody is watching her. She turned around and was amazed to what she saw. He was simply beautiful that she wanted to touch his face. He smiled at her, took her hand and led her out the garden. They dance on the clouds, chase each other in the rainbow, played hide and seek in the forest. They swim in the depths of the oceans and finally they sat on the sand. He rested his head on her shoulder, so contented. He never felt this way before. She closes her eyes and she wanted this so much that she wishes to stay on like this forever.

"I must go," he told her. The Good Angel just nodded. " I have my mission too. I have to promote war, lust, lies and plant hatred to men’s heart." Tears rolled in her eyes. She can’t simply understand why he was doing this. "What about us," the Good Angel inquired. "You’re simply a fool. There’s no us. I just lured you away from your task," the Dark Angel said with a grin.

He left her there in the sand, alone, heart broken. She stands up and walk slowly. So sad that when the rain pours her tears are non-stop. She spread her wings and fly high on the heavens. A warm hug had welcomed the wet angel and God said, " I will soothe each pain in your heart. I will dry up your tears. I will let you hear music to forget loneliness. I will be simply be here for you."

Meanwhile, the Dark Angel is in the pub with men drinking alcohol and smoking with them when a young lady has drop her key chain in front of him. The Dark Angel pick it up and handed the silver angel key chain to the lady. He sips another beer and smiled, remembering Good Angel’s sweet voice and laughter…

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