When to Finally Let Go

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Is to love unconditionally has limits?

Submitted: August 07, 2008

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Submitted: August 07, 2008




He heard the news. Her psychiatrist clears her. At last the long wait is over. The long pretense is over and it’s time to tell the truth. He walks around the shop, looking to each glass… What will she want? A round, a square… A diamond of course… but would it be a sapphire, her birthstone? Undecided what to buy, he just shook his head and smile. He knows her. Whatever he gives her she would appreciate it. He bought the square diamond and placed it in the pink box. Now how to tell her….

He stopped the engine in front of her lawn. He heaves a big sigh, get the bouquet of tulips and call out her name at the gate. Her mom got out the house, frowning. But she let him in and let him wait in their living room. It’s been quite a while since he’s been here. Not so much has changed. It’s still the same sofa where they used to cuddle for more than ten years. Then he saw her, smiling with sparkle in her eyes. This is their first encounter after their break up two years ago. "Hi," she greeted him and let him sit down. She smells the flowers he brought and hurriedly placed it to the vase. Just like before, he thought. "What brought you here," she asked as she settled next to him. He falls to his knees, reach to his pocket and present to her the pink box. "Will you marry me," he long to ask that question. He watched her reaction but she seems calm, still smiling at him. "I’m sorry, I can’t," she answered. He is shocked with her reply. He knows she’s not dating so there’s no other guy. And for years this has been her dream, to get married to him. "Why," the only reply he could ask her. "Things have changed," she answered. He cannot stop the tears and rumble on explaining things, the pretense of leaving her two years ago. He has to do it for her to get well. He wanted her to be independent, not to depend on him too much… To be strong and not to always cry for him. He wanted her to be a fighter. He even let gossips spread out that he has a new girlfriend and that he is happy and contented. He knew this would break her heart but he has to do it. For her to recover. For her to wake up. "That’s not what I needed," she said after hearing him. "You want me to be somebody in your dreams. I want you to love me for who I am," she continued. The reply pierced his heart. "But I love you for who you are," he choked. "When you left me, my world crumbled. I don’t know how to live. It took me months to stand up again and think for myself. For more than ten years, my world is you. I can’t imagine a single day without you. And when it happened, I was in total nightmare. You don’t need to hurt me. I need you to stand by me on my weakest hour. Do you think it’s the only cure to my illness? I don’t deserve to get hurt. I didn’t do anything wrong to you but love you for my whole life. But I have forgiven you though I cannot take you back, I’m sorry," she explained to him. He felt numbed but there’s nothing he can do. He left her house and started the engine when the rain pours. He wouldn’t see those chinky eyes again smiling at him. Those laughter he longs to hear again and her skin brushing against his. Her small palm that always held his hands. His mind races of the thought of losing her forever that he didn’t mind his speed. He saw a ten wheeler approaching. He steps on the gas and drive right to it. Life is not worth living without you, he muttered after his last breath.

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The church bell chimes joyously to the newly wedded couple. He stared at his bride. She may be not the greatest love of his life but what important is that he has a reason to live again. Not far away, a woman wearing a habit smiles. She knows he had moved on. Life might not be that great for them that set them apart. But there were still happy memories to be remembered when they grow old. What matter most is that they found in each other the greatest love they couldn’t imagine.


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