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Violet Wilkes, a human undergoing the transformation of becoming a vicious vampire. It's the year 2034, and humans have inhabited the new planet. And vampires have came along as well. Will Violet get through the transformation? Will her and her brother remain safe from the Vampire hunters?

(Story is unfinished. Please comment. I will finish if you guys like it!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read it, means a lot!! :)

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




I felt the poisonous, cold, silvery-metallic substance push itself into my awaiting veins through my IV that was pierced into my skin.


Burning and weighing down my system. 


Fire igniting on my tongue. It feels as if an anvil has been placed on my chest. My eyes begin to water. Fingers go numb.


My system could reject the GX venom. As in: my heart fails. My bloodstream will dry up and leave me gasping for air that my lungs are trying to receive. My skin will turn a shadowy gray and my eyes will freeze over. Unmoving.


Concluding my life, and ending my short time on this planet. The planet Gliese 4-a. Just Gliese for short.


Humans inhabit my home. They’ve always attempted to do their best to prove that we live here. When - if - they do, our kind will be terminated. Executed. Poisoned. Killed.


So we have to hide, stay out of the public eye. Though we look just like humans, we look nothing like the mythical vampiric tales. We look like everyone else. 


My brother, the only remaining in my family, has been ordered to keep an eye on me. That was the last words of my father before he was taken away by the VTP.


Vampire Termination Project.


With a steel plate chained and locked tightly around his face, and steel shackles around his wrists, he was taken up to the forbidden caves on Mount Holland back on Earth. Where we were executed. Along with other creatures like us.


My father was set onto fire and turned into ash, only to be thrown into the ocean and never found again. 


I’m not sure how many of us are here on Gliese, there isn’t no more than 50. I know that for sure. Our creator, a witch from Earth commanded us that we not reveal ourselves to anyone.


Not even our own kind. 


If any of them were to be enemies, rebelling against our creator’s wishes, they could easily turn us into the VTP. That wouldn’t be the first time, either. We once lived on Earth in 2030. Almost five years ago. When NASA had built the ‘space-bus’ I guess you could call it.  They’ve been planning it for decades. With the American economy now striving, they finally had the funds and technology to do the unimaginable. Leave the planet.


The American government did experiments to ensure that life the new planet could flourish. With long and hesitant waits to purchase the pricey boarding passes, we quickly made the decision to make our way to Gliese 4-A.


Gisella - the witch - wanted us to be able to roam the mountains, with little wildlife and no humans, maybe we’d go without being seen.


Let’s hope it remains that way.


Our fellow Humans have sent government spies. Their undercover VTP officers, to keep the Gliese planet a Earth-like place. Without the Vampires.


We aren’t that much different than the Humans. Except for three things.


Our eyes; silvery as the venom that diseased us. Our skin; tough and as pale as the surface of the moon of Earth.


And our irresistible cravings for the blood that pulses deliciously through their warm enticing veins.


I look down to see if the bag of venom was empty. My eyes are on fire. Scorching. Scalding hot. I could picture boiling water being poured slowly, making the pain more and more terrorizing.


The clear IV bag that hung on the post near the bed was almost drained. I’d expected this process to be far worse that it had been. 


  Out of the corner of my eye I see Cameron enter the room. A swift shadow approaching my hospital bed. He’d stolen it from the General Hospital in town.


  “There hasn’t been any effects yet, have there?” His gruff voice asked. His eyes flickered towards the transparent tube that was stuck into the bend of my arm.


  I looked at him and shook my head. “Not yet.” I said quietly. My tone had came out sadder than I’d wanted it to be.


  Cameron’s sparkly silver eyes focused onto me. His eyebrows pulled together. “If the bag is almost empty, you should be fine, Violet.” He took my hand into his. “Gisella is sending Veronic here to help out. This isn’t an everyday thing,” He explained.


I looked away from his intense eyes. The overwhelming feeling of reality was setting in. 


  “When should she be here?”


  He shrugged. “Six. The 450 station had a delay.” And he rolled his eyes.


I swallowed and nodded.  That’s when the training would begin. Shortly after Veronic’s arrival. To teach me to refrain from massacring the town. 


Couldn’t let a massacre happen. Too risky. We’d be terminated. Like the end to a horrific game. 


Game Over.


As I remained still in this cold, uncomfortable bed, I watched the trees sway just outside my window. The mountains surrounding the house. Snow gently falling from the sky. The sky painted a gloomy gray. Clouds hovering in the atmosphere....


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