How long will I want you? As long as you want me too...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This short story/poem is about how one another loves eachother a lot but can't be together.

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



I've not lost count of the times i've fallen asleep with you in my mind. I'ts been a couple of days, I'ts not alot. I tell myself It'll fade. Surely I can't be trapped, stuck for words already? I fall asleep.

I dream, I can't escape. The ball and chain are holding on tight! She made me smile, she made me laugh. I can't like it! She kissed me, she held me close. I can't like it! Fact, noone can deny what they want!

Light shines, traffic is loud, alarm hasn't even sounded. Bed head, pillow marks, nope she is still there!

Wednesday, poxy day, not to mention the rain. She was here, smiles all round, kisses so sweet. Demon Alert! Said something I will live to regret, is this killing me? Not even an hour, god up there listen... This isn't easyyy!
I say goodbye, steal a kiss. Stop, Stop, Just stop! Her eyes are filling up, she's restless, I feel helpless! Clutch out, I'm off. Mirror check, I see footsteps trail away. 'call me back', Nope. Ride on, It's hard. Footsteps faded!

I want her on my arm, re-assure, show the heart to remain calm. Done it again, hurt the dearest, piss off my nearest! Tell her for me. Who? Me? No? Ok i will...your better off without me! Hurt you once, twice, three, four, five. When will It stop? Go without!
Will she ever know? Will I ever get to say? Lost it all, so I'll be a fool. You've never done me wrong. Who taught you to be strong?

I'll never let you down, promise I'll flip that frown! I'll always be around, I'll catch you before you hit the ground.
You trusted me all along, hurting you was wrong! I betray your trust, this wasnt a must!

All i need is my C. You cant, the chain link has snapped, the ball and chain are lost!

I Love You

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