Just The Beginning

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The beginning of my life

Submitted: February 26, 2010

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Submitted: February 26, 2010



Life is quite an interesting thing. Some love it, some hate it . I guess there's truly some people who can't find an in between. Me being one of them. I'm 17. To me 17 years means luck. You might ask yourself as you read this \"Why luck?\". Let me be kind enough to explain. In my 17 years of life I could honestly tell you that it suprises people that love me and myself that I'm still around. Things were ok I guess until I hit three. When I was three I remember my parents being very argumentative. Father, he was a tall man. Dark brown hair and had fire that burned inside his brown eyes. He had olive skin and a beer belly. Mother, 5'2 , delicate, green eyes and soft olive skin. I loved them both at that age despite what I had seen. My dad bringing home other women. Hitting mommy even over the silliest of things like not having the dinner he felt like having that night. Well one month while I was three it was over. He took off. My mother was pregnant with twins and he took off. It might have been for the better because July 24,1995 there was a little bit of good luck left for me and my mother. My brother Michael was born. Although it was depressing to know that the other baby never made it out because my mother had been beaten so badly by my father, my mother and I were just happy one survived. The years past and my dad wasn't around. My mother,brother, and I had moved back into my grandmother's apartment. My father had disappeared for a few years and it was peaceful. Mommy was happy making money to keep food on the table,clothes on our backs, a catholic,private school education, and even little extras. My mom truly loved us and sacrificed a lot for us. Grandma and Grandpa were very religious they always prayed for us to stay strong and always supported us. We loved them dearly. One day after years had passed my dad came back into my life. Why? I do not know. My dad started asking for visitation and because he had to have his way him and my mother went to court...he won. Visitation started. It was quite awkward. Although I really was too young to remember the first visitation I could tell you about a few I do remember. I remember one time my daddy and I were in the field that's behind his parent's house. My dad loved baseball/softball and of course he was going to teach his two beautiful children to love and enjoy the sport too. Well lucky for him both my brother and I did pretty well. I remember picking up a metal green bat that weighed more than me and was taller than me. Daddy told me \"Keep your eye on the ball..\". I did. I took a swing and the next thing I knew daddy was on the floor. I hit a line drive straight to his beer belly. \"Shit\" I thought. I ran over not sure of what to expect. I looked down and I was totally unsure of the fact if I had killed him or if he was just unconscience. What did I do? I jumped on him both of my tiny,bony knees dug into his stomach and he came flying back into conscience. After that I laughed and ran but made sure it would never happen again. I kind of felt bad. Another visitation I was in my dad's car and he had just starting dating another woman...her name was Gail. Blonde hair, extremely tall, soft looking pale skin, and different than the other woman my dad had dated before. My brother and I were in the car and brought to my aunt's house because my dad wanted to see where we were going to eat when were out with her. I ran out of the car and rang my aunt's doorbell with my baby brother at my side. My aunt opened the door and his big blue eyes lit up. \"Hi Aunt Shell!\" we both said smiling. She looked down with a smile on her face and said \"What's up guys?\". She immediately asked us what we were going to eat and we told her that's why we had come .. to ask her what the plan was. She told me to go get my dad. It's funny now to look back on it but because I was young and had my head in the clouds I didn't think the next thing I saw would happen in front of my face. As I went to my dad's car I looked up and in the window I saw my dad kissing her. \"That bitch!\" I thought to myself. I have to say I felt angry and nautious after that. My dad asked me what I wanted so I told him my aunt wanted him and I ran back to her and said \"Give Him A Minute...He's busy his tongue is shoved down a bitch's throat at the moment\". I went home to my mom that night a total mess. After that I knew my dad was a total dick.

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