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this song is about a guy whos had a painful life, and thinks he doesnt deserve the girl who loves him, he just wants her to have the best life she can, but she explains that hes her life and she will always be there

Submitted: July 01, 2011

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Submitted: July 01, 2011



 why  try to change what you really are inside, to cover up the lies, acting so different to hide all the cries, when i know you had a hard life, being hit and abused, being hurt and very confused, maybe thats the reason i feel for you, i know you can change, hide all of your rage, just follow me, through all the hurt and all the pain, follow me to better days to see what u can gain, im your shoulder to cry on, your friend to pass the time, follow me and everything will be Fine CHORUS Your life was full of pain i know that  for a fact, you hide your emotions leaving a worn down track, you hide in the shadows while the walls around you fall, you love the darkness because it hides all your faults, the pain you hold is strong, and the days you've cried were long, but in the end im still here singing you this song.I can release you from all these pains, these thick and heavey chains, fly free, because your safe as long as your with me, let the breeze carry you away, even if you fall ile be here to catch you, always here to catch you, as long as you live, your my true love and my true best friend. You want me to go you dont want me hurt. yet without out you theres nothing left living for, (CHORUS) Stay by my side, as i guide you through the night, to the light, overcome the darkness, ile help you through the pain, i know you can make it, i know you can change, ile be your angel and you'lle be my knight, ile help you through this dreadful fight, and in the end ile be here, watching over you because i care. you think your so bad and that im to good, but i refuse to leave you, ile protect you, just like i said i would. Because you are my world and i am your sun, without me your darkness is strong, you are my purpose and i am your soul, so except the truth, i wont let you fall (CHORUS) My love is strong, just like my love is true, all in all im here for you, I am your angel and you are my knight, as long as you love me ile put up the fight :)

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