The Limit as Love Approaches Anything Does Not Exist

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The Limit as Love Approaches Anything Does Not Exist

They say a pen is the most powerful and most effective weapon. I agree, but the problem is that no one reads anything longer than a text message anymore. How terribly unfortunate. Probably two thirds of people handed anything of this length or longer will not read the text in its entirety. I digress. Let me get to the point before that last third decides to stop reading as well.

Love does not exist. Do not let your opinions attempt to argue against this law, for a law cannot be disproven: it has already been proven by fact. Love is often spoken of as either a power or strong bond. I shall discuss the insanity of each.

 Love is a power.

Quite the contrary. Love is but a terrible weakness in ones own self-confidence. The one who searches for love has not experienced the pride and honor of self-reliance, either out of laziness or ignorance. An independent, successful soul is highly respected. This soul is quenched and freed from doubt. There is an uncertainty in love, and its value is astronomical. The thought endorsed by society that one can complete another is absurd as if believing the earth is flat. The thought that there is someone out there for everyone is even more foolish.

Love is a bond.

Even the strongest ionic bonds can be broken, so if love was truly a bond between two people, who is to say that it is an ‘everlasting, unbreakable’ bond? Bonds usually connect two common items or items that attract. Humans change, priorities change, as with the bonds of fate that connect them, not bonds of love. Even a well crafted iron chain, with its links in full proportion, will rust and wither with time and strain.

The one who searches for love is a lost and tortured soul. Yet it is not love they want, but comfort and satisfaction. People need to realize that it is not someone they need to be looking for, but rather something, a much wiser investment. An investment that will not cost them pain, dissatisfaction, price, or time: an investment that will provide a secure profit for their future. A profit that cannot be lost. How I do feel sorry for the ones who believe in love but do not (and will never) experience what their minds have fabricated. And for those who feel that they have found love and experienced all of its wonders, it is only a matter of time, whether it be an incident or death. How their faces of agony will later scream with defeat. As a satanic demon shifts into the weakness of each of its victims, the virus of love shifts and evolves to favor the mind of each host. Love in the mind of humans is seen as a portrait of perfection. These same people know perfection can never be attained, yet they strive for the completion of their portrait.

Love, if the abstract entity existed, requires remarkable trust. This is a concept I cannot comprehend. Trust. I wish it could be researched, or with time and practice, become acquired as a learned behaviour. The word itself is so strong and requires an ultimate submission. If I could pick one word that comes to mind when I hear the word trust, the only word I can think of is risk. What a risk, to trust someone with anything. There is always some room of doubt, no matter whom or what you trust. I am guessing you see how much I loathe uncertainty. It is definitely something I try to avoid.

There is no need to let our minds play with our emotions, letting them bend and fold into the shapes we want to make. We must control our emotions and not let them control us, whatever the situation. We must keep the truth on our minds, never shoving it to the side to make room for our fantasies. Our minds are so powerful, yet under certain conditions can turn into a soup of confusion. Sometimes, we just throw whatever we have left into it, to make this soup taste better, but the more junk we add, the worse it tastes and the more desperate we feel to find more ingredients to add. Maybe we need to stop and think before we add more to our soup. Are we adding things, hoping it will magically taste better, or should we use our knowledge to find the right item or items to add? Or should we just let this soup simmer as it is, and hope for the best?

I believe it is very important to find an inner peace within yourself, yet this peace cannot be found within someone else or because of someone else. I truly believe that once peace is found, it will stay, and as a result you become a stronger person, and that strength will stay. This inner peace consists of many different things, and can vary for each person. True confidence in one’s ability, solid strength in one’s opinions, and true knowledge and acceptance of one’s beliefs are essential for attaining this peace. Once these are solidified with a high intensity in the core of a person, I know that he or she is unstoppable, that whatever he or she strives for will attain. You can hear the unwavering clarity in his or her voice, and feel the radiation of their strength. As for how this inner peace is attained, that is quite difficult to explain, since, as previously mentioned, is different for each person, but once the key is found it can certainly unlock this inner peace.

 A human’s life span is short: one day we wake up and a few days later we end up in the ground. People waiting for love, waiting for anything…I just do not understand it.  Maybe I am too young; maybe I am ill. But I feel it so selfish to waste our lives wishing and waiting while with each day we are dying. The future success of mankind cannot progress without us, the deceased past that we will become. With each step we take we must think of the future of our kind, and each day we must put forward our ultimate strength to ease the pains of the future generations to come. It is then that we will be remembered. Our bodies might be long decayed, but the future can never forget what we did, for it is because of us that they will become such a powerful and harmonious state. For a moment, just imagine that on your resume:

(Month) (Year) until death-revolutionized the present to create a brighter future for mankind.

This troubled and divided state we live in, it will never be forgotten. These bailouts and crises. These money and power hungry politicians and what they have done to us and our lands (drawing borders with swift, careless Sharpie marks across a printout from Google Maps). These gas guzzlers and excess carbon emissions. These divided warring nations. These millions with no shoes on their feet or food in their stomachs. None of these will be forgotten, but it will only become part of the past if we change it. Once we have, the world will know where it started. With our generation.  

Submitted: March 10, 2010

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Wow. Ok, first of all, i adore the title of this article. thumbs up for the calculus reference. ?

And to be honest, i agree with almost everything u write but i think u might have a lil problem with the 4 letter word. Sure, i absolutely hate ppl who go crazy over love and thats all they search for in life! (example: ppl who jump off buildings or slit their wrists bc they got dumped.) Thats definitely not the way to go about it.

But how about a mother's love? Or love for one's friends? Or love for a hobby or a passion? Or, here's the big one: the love for oneself?

I think you're reading too into this. Seems to me, you've got a big problem with the whole layout of our world and think we need to make a change as of now but is subconsciously pushing the blame on love. it probably wont even be wrong to call you a control freak though i hope you wont get offended by my remark.

You dont want to completely trust someone. You don't want to let your emotions stray. You don't want to take risks. You don't want to make room for absurd fantasies, but hey, didn't the human race flourish bc of risks and obscene imaginations?

And as for inner peace, doesn't that change as well? "True confidence in one’s ability, solid strength in one’s opinions, and true knowledge and acceptance of one’s beliefs..." Confidence can break, so can opinions, knowledge and beliefs. You're forgetting time. Humans grow. One's ability can change causing your "true confidence" to break. Opinions and knowledge and beliefs alter when we're enlightened by another.

So perhaps it's wrong to say what we're searching for is love or comfort, but rather, happiness. Just plain and simple, happiness. And IF, there are ppl who believe love is happiness, then who are you to say that's wrong? After all, happiness is different for everyone; it could be rubbing ones face against soft kitten's fur for one person, sniffing a line of cocain for another. Who are you, without being in their shoes, to say they are wrong? That it isn't where they'll find what they're searching for? And who's to say, searching, even if it amounts to nothing, isn't worth anything?

Anyways, this was a really well written article. Bravo for your strong sense of self but as for the ambition of a perfect world where people realize "that it is not someone they need to be looking for, but rather something, a much wiser investment. An investment that will not cost them pain, dissatisfaction, price, or time: an investment that will provide a secure profit for their future. A profit that cannot be lost," OR a future where all the things in the last paragraph cease to exist, I think Hitler has a similar goal.

Wed, March 10th, 2010 9:48pm

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