I'd rather be dorthy.

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Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



baby you wouldnt make it on the streets
baby you couldnt last a day with me
if i knew the answers..i'd tell them all
if i knew your secrets..i'd write them on my wall
if you started to drift away..
i'd catch before you fall..
the strum in your guitar plays my favorite melody
the vibration in your voice is like a prayer to me
the coldness of the night
sends shivers down my spine
if this is what love looks like
i must be blind

the stars are in the stupid sky tonight
the story they tell gives me a stupid freight
they try convince me to follow down the yellow brick road
they give no directions
so i dont which way to go

I click and clack my red ruby slippers
i want to slowly dissapear
into the big dipper
i want to float amongst the airplanes
i want to save the world
and be the hero of the day
i want to suck the addiction out of your blood
i know it's impossible
but if could, i would
and i know i really should

You spun me round and round
till the meth cracked my teeth
you told me "no harm"
and i was dumb enough to believe
Now my brain is like a boat
it'll just float and float
till it feels the shame
and whos to blame
when i dont even know how to spell my own name

So when im no more than a skeleton
my urges for purges
may cause my death, my friend
say your last goodbyes
and ill say my death wishes
you'll be flying with the birds
while ill be swimming with the fishes.

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