Suthersfield Park

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A story about how one girls love was taken from her.

Submitted: June 02, 2009

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Submitted: June 02, 2009



Love is a wonderful thing.  Once you find it you hold onto it with all you’ve got.  Unless, of course, someone takes it from you.  It had only been two months since Chris had proposed to me when he was shot four times.  Once in the shoulder, once in the stomach, and twice in the heart.  He was walking through the park on his way home when his killer ran in front of him.  It was like a drive-by shooting except on foot.  I only know this much because I was on the phone with Chris at the time of the murder.  Chris’s last words were, “I love you Mallorie.”

All the while I’m screaming his name into the phone with tears streaming down my face.  Immediately after I heard him say his last few words I hung up and called 911, apparently I wasn’t the only one.  Now here I sit in a tiny room at the police station relaying all the information I know.  “You and the victim lived together, correct?” The Detective asked me.

“Yes, we were engaged.”  I reply.

“How far away from Suthersfield Park did the two of you live?”

“Not far, about five blocks.”

“So, it wouldn’t take you too long to get to that particular park, would it?”  The Detective asked in an accusatory tone.

“No, it wouldn’t.  What exactly are you implying Detective?”  I firmly questioned.

“My apologies Miss” The Detective said.  I merely nodded my head in acceptance, and he continued, ”From living with the victim I’m sure you would know what his daily schedule was like.  Could you tell me about that?”

“On the weekdays he would wake up at seven in the morning and be at work at eight o’clock.  Sometimes we would have lunch together.  We did not on that day.  He would leave the office at five pm and be home somewhere around five-fifteen.  After that he wouldn’t leave the apartment unless we were going out somewhere.”

“He leaves work at five, yet he was found dead in the park at five-ten, why?”

“His firm is only fifteen minutes away from our apartment.  He takes a short cut through the park.  Suthersfield Park isn’t the safest park in the city, which is why I make him call me when he goes through it.  It always made me nervous.”

“Does he have any enemies?”

“Not that I am aware of.”

“Who are his closest friends?”

“John, James, Kendall, and Xavier, but I know all of those guys.  They wouldn’t murder him.  Especially, since he’s helped each of them out on various occasions.”

“How did Chris know these guys?”

“He met them all in his freshman year of college.  James, actually, is his business partner.”

The officer nodded his head and said, “One last question, is there any one at his firm who could have murdered him?”

“The only one at his firm he was close to was James, although I never did get a good vibe from his secretary.”  I replied hoping this would be the end of the interrogation.

“Thank you, you may leave.”  

Six months later I’m at my parents house helping my Mother cook dinner when my cell phone rings.  I pick it up briefly telling my Mother I’m going into another room.  It was the Detective who was working on Chris’s case.  He informs me that he’s caught the killer and when the trial will take place.  I thank him for calling me and then sink to my knees as the tears start flowing.  It was in this exact position that my Mother found me in thirty minutes later.

“Oh honey!  What’s wrong?  Who was that on the phone?”  She asks with concern evident on her face.

“It was the Detective who was working on Chris’s case.  They found the killer.  It was some gang member who mistook him for someone else!”  I say amidst the fresh onslaught of tears.  

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry!”  She says while comforting me.

Love truly is a wonderful thing.  It’s taken for granted, but always handed out kindly all the same.  To live this life and say you have loved and been loved by someone is one of the many joys we have in this cold cruel world.  But, love can be taken away as easily as it is handed out.  So, if you’re lucky enough to find true love then hold onto it with all you’ve got and never let go.

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