All That I've Done

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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



I close my eyes and let the tears fall.

My sobs are as silent as my screams.

I'll turn away when I see you smile,

not because i dont love you but because  I do.

I tried to fight this horrid feeling but its just to strong.

Theres a force pulling me away.

My heart is telling me to walk away.

Please understand that I do care about you

andd never wanna see you hurt

Im sorry if I could potentially break your heart

thats not my true intention.

Im allowing yuu to live a life without me

One where yuu dont have to worry about me.

Its not gunna be easy for me just to walk away

and pretend you dont exsist.

So i'll start packing my bags and leave this town behind.

I promise not to breathe a word of my destination so youwont have to ask.

Throw away all our memories, all the joy.

I wont stand to see a tear fall down that face.

Or hear that heart break.

Those around you will be lucky to have your beautiful self around

the happy energized young woman you are.

I love you

and I want you to know you'll always have a place in my heart

and no one can take your place.

You've taught me things that no one else could.

You've shown me things that seemed impossible.

I'll never forget the things ive learned.

I'm sorry for all that I've done.


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