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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



Her life has became a lie.

Became someone else's.

Her heart wasn't pure

and her words weren't clean.

Her shirts were a bit to low

Her pants hugged her body.

Her eyeliner too dark

and her lips too red.

Her eyes sparkled and her lips smiled.

She was shy

She was beautiful.

But there was something about this girl

When she looked in the mirror

She saw saw what was beneath her skin

It wasnt as pure as what she saw on the outside.

Her heart was shattered

Her eyes sparkled with sadness

Her smile was hiding a lifetime of pain

Her shirts were to get peoples attention away from her face

away from the lies.

She couldnt open up

her heart just couldnt handle it.

But so many people held her hand

but He held her face.

He wrappped his arms around her

whispering I love yuu.

She fell in love.

She wouldnt never love someone like she loves him

She wont even try.

She stopped trying

stopped caring

her eyes tired from crying

her smile is no longer there

she let go of the lie

and now she suffers.


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